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How to stop losing my AirPods with these under $10 gadgets

Lost airpods - antilost cover

I keep losing my Airpods and the case for it. How can I avoid this?

I just bought the AirPods. Yes, I know. I’m late to the game. But, I held out as one of those old hats saying, “These new bluetooth AirPods are not as stable as the old-school wired earphones.” Alright, so I was proven wrong while testing my wife’s airpods out the first time. The crystal-clear sound blew me away.

So, I my wife kindly bought me AirPods as a gift. Great! I’m all set. But, then I lost the little earbuds twice the first day. Then, I lost the charging case three times the next day. These things are expensive so I really didn’t want to lose them permanently.

So, off I went to Amazon to find a gadget to make these things anti-lost. I couldn’t believe that I found the perfect solution and well under $10!

airpod case that is antilost

It comes in two different colors, pink and blue. I got the blue one and returned the gift favor to my wife by getting her the pink one. Yes, I know, I’m so obvious.

Anyway, I really recommend this AirPod Anti-Lost Case. Since buying it, I’m able to insert my AirPods in it. Then, it comes with a keychain that I connect to my pants belt buckle. My wife connects her to her bag or pocketbook. I like that it’s shock proof to guard against drops. It’s also waterproof although I won’t be showering with it anytime soon. Ever since the purchase, I haven’t lost my AirPods yet. Hope I didn’t just jinx myself.

If you’d like, to purchase one of your own Airpod Case, you can purchase yours off of Amazon here:

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