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Should I Buy the Samsung Galaxy Fold?

samsung galaxy fold

For $2K, there’s got a be a really strong draw to this phone. Is the tablet transformer device worth the investment?

I’ll be honest. I saw Samsung’s video release and screamed like a kid in a candy store, “I want one!”

Two major features draw me to the Fold:

The 7.3-inch it transforms into.

You’ll no longer have to worry about carrying a tablet and phone with you. Well, I always buy the largest iPhone out there so I don’t need to worry about this. But, if you have small phone, you can consolidate your devices. There’s a lot you can do on a bigger screen. Watch movies, shows, easily write emails, and search on Google.

The multi-processing. About time!

multitasking on samsung galaxy fold

You can have three windows up and multi-task. Have one big window you’re working on and see the minimized windows. You’ve got a big screen. Galaxy takes advantage of this nicely.

The cons.

Yup, you knew they were coming. The biggest one which may be a showstopper is the thick brick-like phone. Sadly, the tablet has to be hidden somewhere. As such, it’s piled behind the screen. Also, the device is really tablet-focused, leaving the phone screen in the 2010-era with a 4.6-inch screen and thick bezels. Think Galaxy S II or the iPhone 3GS. Little viewable screen and box-like features.

You can certainly get around using the big phone by using earbuds. But, then again, if you’re just amped about the tablet, why not just buy a Samsung Galaxy Tab or Book and slap LTE service on it?! That will only cost you $250 and up.

After deep consideration and following my gleeful initial excitement, I am not recommending the Fold.

I love the technology and definitely consider it a game changer. Sure, I wouldn’t mind toying around with it. I wouldn’t mind being a guinea pic of this bleeding edge tech. But, and it’s a big but. The clunky phone and overpriced tablet and barriers for me. As for the multi-tasking part, I just searched around to find that apps already emulate this. So, I’m good. Next product, Samsung!

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