All Covered: Everyday Apps for Mac Users

Everyday apps for mac users

Whether you’re new to Mac or just trying to figure out which apps are helpful to use on a daily basis, you can turn to our Must-Have App Kit. We’ve conducted thorough research and picked up only the good stuff for ya.

We won’t talk about default and pre-installed applications like Photos or iTunes. Nor will we mention obvious apps like Skype, Google Drive, and Dropbox, because if you haven’t heard of them yet, welcome time traveler, please share with us thy tales from the past!

Instead, what we’re going to talk about are mostly apps for everyday needs, plus some hacks to make your Mac-days even better. Let us begin.

Keeping Mac healthy

CleanMyMac X

Even if you’re running the latest, lightest macOS Mojave, you still have plenty of system junk piling up on your Mac with every passing month. CleanMyMac X is a cleaner and optimizer that removes old junk, helps you sort out the files on your hard drive, and runs scripts to speed up your Mac. Also it helps to uninstall apps on your Mac easily.

When your system is working better, and your apps are running as smooth as ever, it’s going to feel just like the first breath of spring. Sorry, CleanMyMac X can do a lot, but it can’t wipe away overused spring cleaning jokes. 

iStat Menus

Monitors, lots of them. iStat Menus can monitor everything that’s happening on your Mac, from temperature to memory usage, CPU usage, and even battery condition.

With a click on your menu bar, you can access all the information you could possibly need to determine your Mac’s health and well-being.

Movies and Music

To get the most out of your entertainment, immediately forget about the default suggestions you find on your Mac, like Apple Music and QuickTime player. There’s a very compelling reason to do so: they’re not actually any good.

We could spend another three paragraphs complaining about all the video formats that QuickTime won’t play or how Apple Music is an Apple-device-only service with weak algorithms, but let’s stay positive by proceeding to the exciting options.


Spotify is one of the biggest music streaming services in the world. It works in 60 countries and is available on macOS, iOS, Android, and Windows platforms (just in case you have devices without the Apple logo, no judgment).

You can save music to listen offline, access millions of playlists, and browse recommended artists based on your music tastes (and you’ll actually like the suggestions). Plus, there’s a three-month free trial to test the waters before paying.

Bills and Taxes

We know, we know, just reading those words makes you reflexively stifle a yawn. We all recent bills and taxes equally, so we’re very thankful that some good people out there took their time to help us deal with this mundane definition of adulthood.


Chronicle is mostly a bill-payment app. You feed it all the bills you gotta pay, and it will remind you in a timely manner, even if the app isn’t running. You can store receipts and other proofs of payment, pay bills online through Chronicle’s internal browser or your own browser, add bills to other calendars you use, and so on.

Basically, any challenge related to bills, this app has you covered. 


Moneywiz does what it says on the package — wizardry for your financial havoc. It integrates with your bank accounts and credit cards to show you real-time credit scores and loans. You can pay bills right in the app (if your bank allows it) and prepare tax declarations ten times faster. Plan budgets, calculate expenses, perform transactions — it’s all there.

Moneywiz is a robust, secure, and professional app that lifts a big chunk of the accounting burden off your shoulders.

Work and Productivity

We can vouch for these apps as we work with them every day to help our general organization, focus on work, and task management. It might seem like being organized is not as appealing as being a free and creative force without a care in the world, but in reality, people tend to like those who keep their promises, don’t miss calls, are on time, and don’t forget important things.

With these apps, you’ll never have to come up with excuses for why you forgot something or didn’t finish a task on time.


BeFocused is a classic, well-known Pomodoro timer. In case you haven’t heard of it, you should definitely try out the app. The idea behind the app is to encourage working productively and without distraction for 25 minutes straight and then taking a short break.

BeFocused is super-simple, easily customizable, and works like a clock (see what we did there?)

Enhancing your Mac


F.lux makes your Mac friendlier to your eyes. It’s a free app that fixes the bright light of your screen, making it yellow-ish when it gets dark outside, and it’s almost time for bed. The app allows your eyes to relax, reduces levels of anxiety, and improves sleep quality.

We all have this vague feeling that one day we’ll look back on eight-hour screen-staring sessions as we now look back on lead powder. “How could we think this was okay?” Eye fatigue is the plague of every computer worker, and F.lux makes it a little easier for us all.


HazeOver is the kind of app that you never knew you needed until tried it. In short (and there’s no long description): HazeOver highlights the window you’re working in and dulls the rest of the screen, which makes it incredibly easy to focus on the current task and not get distracted.

Just try it, you won’t believe your eyes.

That should cover it. Some of these apps are free, so you won’t have to dig deep into your credit-card-pockets to enjoy them. All of the mentioned paid apps and many other popular apps are featured on Setapp and available to you on a free trial.

We recommend using most of the list, but even if you only picked up a few, we’re glad we could be of help. Because even small enhancements to your everyday life can make dramatic changes to its quality.

Author Bio

Many thanks to James Dorian for writing this insightful piece! James Dorian is a technical copywriter and a blogger. He is great at solving modern business issues and applying tech innovations. James knows how to be extremely productive at work.

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