Creating Space On Your iPhone For New Applications

Whether you want to create space for an iOS software update or you need to download a new exercise application for yoga just so you can wear your new trending yoga clothing, there are a few tips you could use to create very necessary space on your iPhone device. Let’s face it, no matter how diehard we are as Apple fans, space is somewhat limited and we could always use a few helping tips so we don’t need to delete photos or messages we may have need of one day. So whatever your reason for wanting to create space, we have a few solutions you may find helpful.

Finding What Is Using Your Storage

You can go into your settings to find out which applications are using up the majority of your memory. Your first bet would be to delete applications you aren’t using or seldom use and then reinstall as you need them.

Clearing the Cache

Applications such as Deezer take up internal memory as they begin to store what you listen to, what your preferences are and how you navigate your way through the application. You will need to open these kinds of apps and go into the settings of the applications. Deep within the heart of the app is what is commonly known as the cache. Select ‘clear cache’ and free up some more memory.

Clearing Messages

What’s App and other chat messenger services take up memory when you don’t empty out group chats or chats on your phone. Sms’s also occupy the internal memory of your phone. You can delete the messages you don’t want and star the messages in group chats that you want to keep and delete the white noise.

Google Photos

Rather than saving thousands of photos and videos to your camera roll, download a storage app like Google Photos which automatically stores and saves all the video and images you download or receive depending on how you adjust your settings. This allows you the freedom to delete any images on your camera roll and still allows you to access them through the application. Be careful when deleting from the app however, this will permanently delete from your device. When using these kinds of apps, be sure you understand the storage settings.

Delete Videos and Photos Already Deleted

Don’t forget to go to your recently deleted folder and delete old archives previously deleted. These files take up space necessary for new images and videos. Videos especially use up a vast amount of memory.

If you follow all of these steps together, you should be able to free up at least 3 gig of data. The more actively you search for space, items you can delete, you free up more space. You can always download applications again, so rather delete app using space which you rarely access. Empty the caches of your used apps and download apps which store your data to cloud and not your phone. This is also more reliable than having all your docs in one mobile device.

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