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Computer Repair Warranty in NYC – Can I Extend My Service Warranty?

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Computer repairs in New York City are pretty easy to get. Of course, the quality of the places out there differ, but what if you’re looking to make sure the computer repair you just got is warrantied for awhile? I’m not talking about the cookie-cutter 30 day or 60 day warranty. I’m talking about getting a 1 year, 2 year, or even a 3 year repair warranty for your computer issue you just fixed.

Getting a Long-Term Warranty on your Computer Repairs

It’s not available. The only long-term warranty available for computers are from the manufacturers when you buy a computer. When you buy from a Dell, Lenovo, or Apple, you’ll typically get a warranty to guard against any defects. That’s fine and dandy. But, what if you need to repair a computer issue? Most likely, this issue won’t be supported within your warranty. Then, what? What if you spilled water or a drink on your laptop? What if you dropped your laptop? That will certainly void your manufacturer warranty?

Where to go?

Alright, I’ll end the suspense now. At New York Computer Help, we have officially rolled out our Plus Care Warranty Coverage which allows you to extend your computer repair warranty up until 3 years. You can also upgrade to 6 months, 1 year, and 2 years. You have the choice to extend to either term so you can sleep well at night stress-free.

Best Computer Repair Extended Warranty Service in NYC

Warranty Transparency

Please note this warranty pertains to the computer repair performed at our walk-in computer repair center at 53 East 34th Street in NYC. For example, if you cracked your laptop screen and we replaced it. We’ll fully warranty the screen against any defects. If you have another new laptop issue, that is not included with this warranty. Plus, if you drop or spill liquid on your computer, that voids the warranty. As always, we want to be transparent. As such, this service is to ensure the computer issue fixed is the one we will ensure will have a long-lasting life of working.

We’re very excited to provide such long-term computer repair coverage. This way, customers know our repairs are permanent and if anything goes wrong with the repair service, you’re assured it will be fixed through the warranty support.

When can I sign up?

You can sign up for the extended warranty option when paying for your computer repair. You may also still have the chance to sign up within 60 days of your computer repair. Beyond the 60 days, the opportunity will be lost.

Since 2000, New York Computer Help constantly looks for ways to improve its operations to benefit customers. Putting smiles on customers faces is what it’s all about. Now, we can ease stress and concerns from computer repair fixes. All good in our book. We hope you’ll take advantage of our extended warranty promotion. And we hope you’ll be able to sleep better at night.

Warranty Services applies to macbooks, windows laptops, desktops, and all computers

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Outside NYC? Just mail in your device if in the US.


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