Should I Buy the AirPods Pro?

Having the AirPods already, should I now buy the AirPods Pro? What’s the difference? Is it worth paying for?

AirPods Pro design

At $249, I’d want to make sure the Pro series is worth it. After all, I’m happy with what I got. Alright, so it doesn’t take a lot to make me happy, and also I’m a bit penny-wise and pound foolish when it comes to spending any kind of luxury expense on myself. Basically, I’ll have to use the “this is for tech support exploration” excuse if I can’t find a better way to validate upgrading here.

Here are the AirPod Pro takeaways:


Yup, these block external noise. What this means is during a phone call you can hear callers better by cutting down on outside wind and noises. Also, there’s a beam-forming mic (shown in the pic above) that pics up your voice better so callers will hear your voice more prominently then the background noise. There’s actually three microphones on each earbud so they can pick up your voice clearer.


This one is a negative for me. But, I’m very sensitive with my ears. Okay, I have small ears and they are ultra-sensitive. Don’t judge. The design includes silicone buds as a more secure suction to you ears. There are small, medium, and large ear tip sizes. The suction effect makes me feel a little claustrophobic, but that’s just me. The AirPods app in your iPhone actually has a good ability to ensure your seal is a good one for your ear.

If you’re a gym rat, these are great to have since they’re hard to fall out and sweat-proof. For me, I kind of feel the noise cancellation is a bit of smoke of mirrors as this design, being so tight and pressurized, leads to the cancellation of external noises, no?


Yup, the sounds is better. Along with isolating your music, there is a richer base with the high-excursion driver that is new on this version. You’ll feel more vibration that is deeper and shifts more air back and forth within the earpiece. Also, there’s an adaptive EQ which is supposed to make the music more true to the original sounds of it. Time will tell on this one.

Battery life

Actually this one is 4.5 hours per charge compared to the regular 5 hours AirPod charge. The noise cancellation feature is a battery drainer. The charging case is the same 24 hours of total time as the regular AirPods’ one.

So, should you buy the AirPods Pro or what?

If you’re a runner or avid exerciser, yes, I’d say these babies are for you. Sweat-proof, non-slipping, great-sounding bluetooth headphones is the number one priority of all sweaty work-out folks, myself included. So, why not?! For those, who are using their AirPods for the morning commute with music, videos, or sound, not really. It’s not worth it. Now, if you’re the non-stop chatter on your phone, this is a good upgrade for you which makes me cringe how loud you’ll get when you can hear the outside world. Your welcome for the review, but please be kind and I just ask that you lower your voice volume now.

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