Why I Made the Switch to Mac and Never Looked Back

Windows Operating Systems served as the de facto selection for anyone wanting to purchase a laptop, or PC in the days of yore. For many people, there was no question about it. Mac operating systems remained largely off-limits for most folks; in fact it wasn’t even a consideration given Mac’s rather limited capabilities in a mass market dominated by Windows-friendly software, products, and accoutrements.

Dell, HP, Lenovo, Samsung, and ASUS were but a few of the brands I remained fiercely loyal to, many times over. Mac was never a consideration; I really don’t know why it never even entered into the reckoning. Sure, I knew many folks who owned Apple Macs and were thrilled with their performance. I was stuck in an entrenched mindset; change was not an option. After working with Windows operating systems for so many years, you tend to build a resistance to other systems, Mac included.

Breaking Brand Loyalty: Making the Switch to Mac

Despite countless blue screens of death, frozen operating systems, malware, adware, worms, Trojans, sluggish loading, and computers that simply stopped functioning for no reason whatsoever, I remained loyal to Windows operating systems. As it stands, I have over a dozen Windows laptops and PCs stashed away in my closet.

Some of them work at a rudimentary level, and some of them are inexplicably and irrevocably damaged beyond repair. My work necessitates countless hours punching away into a keyboard, and staring at the screen, ad infinitum. It is crystal clear that the more time you spend working on a PC, the slower it gets, despite the continuous updates and enhancements that you make to these tech products.

I truly believed that Windows and its suite of services were the bees’ knees. My work necessitates that I routinely login to gaming websites with virtual private networks to review games and their functionality. On my Windows PC, I would typically sign in to play the Starburst slot at Casino.com, or any other game for that matter. I wondered how these games would play out on an entirely different operating system like Mac, given that most online gaming platforms were not Mac friendly in the 1990s and early 2000’s.

I know that I can’t live without Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. However, Windows and Mac have evolved over the years. There is now cross-platform functionality which means that Windows products can easily be used on Mac too. This got me thinking – what if everything that people were saying about their beloved Mac computers was true? What if they never got viruses? What if they never crashed? What if Mac performance beats out Windows PCs every single time? What if I could test out all of these online casino games and enjoy better performance on a Mac product?

Mac Costs More but it’s Really Better

Mac aficionados swear by their brand. They make pretty lofty claims to support everything that this computer manufacturer and software provider does. You see, Apple Mac controls the entire market of iOS products. It’s not like Windows where different manufacturers simply use the Windows operating system and can be differentiated according to their own company’s standards. With Apple, the buck stops with them. They create their hardware; they create their software; they run their own support, repair, research and development. It is a veritable synergy of integrated verticals and horizontals with the highest standards of excellence at every tier.

It’s no wonder that Apple Inc is the world’s most valuable company and share prices are trading around $260 per unit, with extraordinary performance and year-to-date gains. Sure, cost was a major disincentive to me when considering the switch from Windows PCs to Mac. For a standard Windows PC, you can expect to pay anywhere from $100 – $1500 +, with most people paying on average $800. By contrast, the average Apple laptop retails for about $1600. That’s a big difference. However, the investment is worth it if you consider the quality that you are getting out of a Mac.

I now own an Apple MacBook Pro 13 inch, a MacBook Air 13 inch, and an iMac 27-inch 5K, in addition to an iPhone XR. I couldn’t be happier. My Windows PCs – all 12 of them in the closet are damaged beyond repair, ostensibly through no fault of my own. One of them simply doesn’t ever shut down, another doesn’t ever power up, and the rest of them are so unbelievably sluggish that it feels like you’re going back to the Jurassic age. It was nerve wracking switching from a Windows desktop to Mac, given the steep learning curve that comes with it. Programs don’t function the same way, and it’s frustrating having to learn new ways of doing things. But once you get the hang of it, it’s easy to see why people love their Macs.

Ironclad Security Protocols on Mac Products

Macs are quality products with stable operating systems and advanced security features that keep all the riffraff off your screen and your operating system. I’ve been fortunate enough to add maximum security enhancements to guard against hackers such as Tor, VPN, browser-based adware blockers, and powerful antivirus software.

My Mac systems are now veritable Fort Knox security enclaves with 2-FA protocols on most every login, browser-based master passwords, password protectors, and cryptographic encryption protocols. From a security perspective, Mac is the bomb. These systems run well and they don’t simply fall apart for no reason at all. One time I had the misfortune of closing my MacBook Pro with my earphones caught between the screen and the keyboard. SOL without Apple Care insurance, this little mishap cost me $600 to replace the screen – that’s the downside of going Mac and never looking back!

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