How to Upgrade Your Computer for Gaming

So you have a standard PC that you want to upgrade for gaming. You might be thinking, “Why do I need any upgrades?” or, “Where do I begin with these upgrades?” Both of these questions can be difficult for a beginner gamer, but the answers are simple. 

To start, you should upgrade your computer for gaming for the simple reason of game quality. If you decide you want to become a gamer, you should make sure you are experiencing and allowing the game to run at its fullest potential. By not upgrading it, you are hampering your own experience and missing out on everything the game has to offer. The second question also has a simple answer, continue reading this post! We are going to go through the step by step process of how to upgrade your computer for gaming! 

Graphics Upgrade

The first step should be to upgrade your GPU. The more modern games can run on standard GPU’s but your experience can start to be lacking. You might not realize how different an upgraded GPU is until you actually take the time and upgrade it. 

You will experience a higher FPS, clearer and more realistic pictures, and an overall higher quality game that is displayed the way the developers intended it to be. Be careful before you purchase anything, however. Not all GPUs work properly with other components of the computer. Do your research and make sure you are getting the proper one. Graphics are the most important aspect to a gamers experience when playing, you don’t want to skimp out on this. You may also want to invest in a monitor for gamers that has the capacity for even better graphics and imaging. Selecting a gaming monitor is also an important part of the process.

Speed Up Your PC

If you upgrade your GPU, you might be mesmerized by the quality of the picture, but wanting to throw something through the screen because your computer is slower than a sloth. This is a simple fix. Swap out your hard drive for an SSD. You can find them for a pretty inexpensive price online, and you will notice how quickly your PC becomes. 

An SSD offers shorter wait times on loading screens, downloading files, file transferring, and so much more. This upgrade will not only help you with your gaming performance but also will make your PC experience better overall, regardless if you are playing any games or not.  Adding the SSD is basically like injecting your computer with steroids. 

Upgrade the RAM

RAM is an important component of the computer. This is what controls the multitasking operations of it. If you are running multiple applications at once, this is the part of the PC that makes sure everything continues to run smoothly. Sometimes, you will have multiple operations going at the same time. 

Let’s say you’re gaming, while live streaming, you have your email application running, and you are downloading another game, all at the same time. You’re going to need a faster RAM. This might take some time to realize you need the upgrade, but if you notice your game stuttering a bunch while your playing, you might want to look into this upgrade. 

CPU and Motherboard Upgrades

Now that you have upgraded some things, you might realize that the computer isn’t fully equipped to run everything at once. If you are upgrading an older .C, it’s possible that you’re going to need a new CPU chip and motherboard. 

Both of these are the heart and soul of the computer. They put all the parts together and make them run properly. If you have upgraded everything so far and notice no difference in speed or quality, or your quality got worse, the elder motherboard and CPU might be the issue. 


Simple physics states that any action has an equal and opposite reaction. Since you are running all of this high tech electronic equipment in a small confined area like a computer, all of that energy produces a lot of heat. Overheating the computer will create some real problems. 

Think about it on a personal level, what happens to you when you get overheated? Your body feels weaker, you can’t think properly, and you feel like you just need a break. Well, the same thing happens to your computer.

If you plan on upgrading everything, then you’re going to need something to keep it all cool and stable. Maybe a speed fan attachment for the inside or even an entire case fan would do the trick. If you want to spend the big bucks, look into liquid cooling options for a real futuristic-looking addition to your computer.  

Final Thoughts on Upgrading Your Computer for Gaming

You might be thinking about all the money you’re about to spend on these upgrades. Believe it or not, it really isn’t that expensive and you don’t need to upgrade everything all at once. If you don’t plan on being a professional gamer and just want to enjoy the games at their top potential, don’t get the most expensive things. Do your research, think about what you really need, and enjoy the games because that’s the real goal of the developers. Have fun! 

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