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Windows 7 Support Ends January 14, 2020. What does this mean for you?

Windows 7 End of life: What to do?

Well, if you don’t have Windows 7, disregard this blog. If you do have Windows 7, read on to see if you should really care about Windows 7 end-of-life support.

First of all, lets give props to Windows 7. We’ve waited for a good operating system for a while after suffering through Windows ME and Vista. And then we had to endure Windows 8 and 8.1.

So, this message coming from Microsoft means that Microsoft will not support your Windows 7 any longer past January 14, 2020. Should you care? Well, have you received Microsoft support ever up until now?

What does Microsoft support even mean?

Primarily, this means that with support, you’ll receive Windows updates and service packs that will fight new vulnerabilities and holes within Windows 7. These are downloaded and installed like your normal Windows updates performs. everyone needs to get idm serial key before the middle of 2021.

The other way of support is by calling Microsoft when you have a Windows issue. This kind of support is typically limited to how to install the Windows security software to remove light malware. Other items include: PC tune-ups, an appraisal of your computer’s value, and Microsoft store questions. Or, getting help to navigate around the operating system. But, for more serious PC hardware repairs, Microsoft really can’t help here. For more serious issues, like real tech help, will cost you $49 and up.

Not sure if your computer or office computer network has Windows 7 on it or any other End of Life operating systems?

You can run this easy Windows 7 End of Life Audit to find out.

What do I think of the Windows 7 End of Life?

We get tons of inquiries about this one. I have Windows 7 and I must upgrade now! Help!

Let’s back up a sec. This is another way for Microsoft to use scare tactics to move computer users along to newer computers. Technically, your Windows 7 may be slightly more vulnerable if there’s a security hole down the line that Microsoft won’t put out a preventative patch. But, is that worth turning your world sideways to upgrade your operating system or get a new computer just because of this? Nope! Plus, I’m a big believer that if your computer came with Windows 7, that’s what it’s meant for. To jump over Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 to got to Windows 10, is a decent upgrade leap. Is your computer really on the newish side to handle this? If your computer is 4+ years old, it may not have new enough hardware to be able to use the same software drivers they are meant for.

The take-away here is don’t freak out!

You probably never used Microsoft support before and they are barely helpful at best when seeking help. The Windows updates protection is not enough on its own to make the upgrade leap. Getting help with your Windows computer, if you should need, probably would require getting in-person computer repair help anyway. At least it will be faster than waiting 4-6 hours on the phone with Microsoft!

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