Writing A Book on Laptop – 5 Things to Make It Easier

Whether you are a seasoned writer or just starting out, you may be wrestling with ways to write. Some people prefer to hand write their entire novel before taking to a computer.

However, you might already be working on your laptop as you write – or transcribing. Working on a laptop might be slightly challenging, so here are five ways to make it easier.

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Word processors

A simple word processor such as Microsoft Word is sufficient for getting your words to paper. The joy of word processors is that they are easy to use. You simply open a document and you can begin typing. Most word processors also make it easy for you to share your work with others.

When you share your writing, you might fear someone changing your work without your permission. While you should only share work-in-progress with your editor or publisher and maybe some friends you trust, you should convert the file anyway. Word processors have tools that allow you to convert to PDF, which makes it difficult for a recipient to edit your work.

There might be many other writing tools and apps but Word remains the top choice for the writers. The academic writers at top online writing service Edu Birdie use Word for their work. Whether they work on an essay or a high-level research paper, they prefer MS Word. 

Proofreading apps

When you are writing, you might not have time to proofread. Even if you do have time, you might miss errors or overlook them. Using proofreading software can help you find spelling and grammar errors. If you use a comprehensive app like Grammarly, you can also check the readability score of your work.

Proofreading tools help you to improve your writing and present it well. This can reduce the time and effort your editor needs to put into checking your work and may save you money. Manual proofreading also tends to take longer than an app, making the app more convenient when time is short.

Plagiarism checkers

Plagiarism checkers can double as study apps because you can use them to check your assignments as well. Plagiarism is a serious crime, and it can result in fans and followers losing trust in you. You need to portray your ideas as uniquely as possible.

Even if you have written completely out of your head without making references to anything else, you still have to check for plagiarism. Failure to check might result in some similar texts slipping through. Not only could this send your book back to the drawing board, but it could also land you in a large amount of legal trouble.

Dictionary and thesaurus

One way to avoid plagiarism is to diversify your vocabulary. While you do not want to use a thesaurus on every single word, it might help you find a more unique and powerful word that you can use in place of an ordinary one. Diversifying your language makes your writing more interesting and might draw in more readers.

You should also employ a dictionary throughout your writing. When you stare at words for a long time, they tend to lose their meaning. Using a dictionary can ensure you are using the right word in the right place. Therefore, you can be sure you are always making sense and that your meaning can’t be misinterpreted.

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Writers usually fall into two categories: fiercely focused or heavy procrastinator. A focused writer might write for long periods of time and could pick up injuries in their wrists, back, and neck. They might also pick up circulation issues as a result of sitting for extended periods.

If you are a master procrastinator, you might find yourself struggling to get anything onto paper at all. In both instances, using a digital planner can help you. Set a timer to work for about an hour or two, and then have a timed break of about twenty minutes. This can keep you focused and motivated while reducing your risk of illness and injury.


Using basic writing tools can make the process less stressful since you do not need to learn new software. You can also use software to check grammar and spelling, as well as eliminate plagiarism.

Using software to carry out these processes means they can happen faster and save you money. Remember that taking breaks is important to your mental and physical health, and using a digital planner can help you with that.

Author’s Bio:

Joshua Robinson is a science and technology essay writer currently working for an online writing portal. He is a science subject topper at the college level and possesses great writing skills, which makes him very popular among students. In his free time, he works on his tech blog, like camping in woods and flying drones.

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