5 Most Efficient Apps for Your Phone Protection

Are you worried about the security of your smartphone? Or ignore this important question?

Today, most mobile devices are becoming more vulnerable to attacks. The reason for this may be that the system does not update. The constant access to the Internet also exposes your device to numerous risks. Moreover, owners of Android devices are constantly confronted with questions about the security of their gadgets.

“Every day, smartphone users are exposed to hundreds of different threats, from viruses and annoying ads to theft of passwords and personal data” – explains the CEO at The Word Point.

That is why antivirus programs should be installed on your device. This applies to devices on both Android and iOS. So, if you are interested in the best security applications, then we present the top 5 applications in this article.

1. Avira Mobile Security


  • The program instantly blocks all malicious sites and scans emails.
  • In case of an account hack, a notification comes.
  • The app is in free access.


  • You may not believe it, but there are no restrictions.

Avira has long been known for being an effective software for eliminating malware on a computer. Why not use this collateral on your gadget? This application instantly blocks all malicious sites and is free for iOS devices. 

So what can this software do? If your account is even tried to be hacked, then you will immediately receive a notification. So you don’t even have to worry about phishing! Also, the software will automatically scan email and your contacts. You will be aware of all violations.

What is more, the application will backup your contacts and send all the details to the mail. There are also tools that will do an analysis of your memory storage and how it is used. Also, it is supplemented by the anti-theft function.

In conclusion, we can say that this is a universal package. With this application, your gadget will be fully protected from any threats!

2. Avast Mobile Security


  • Call blocking function.
  • The presence of the anti-theft function.
  • It is in free access.


  • Periodically an advertisement pops up.

This application has become something more than a threat scanner for your gadget. Let’s look at the main features of this application. Now it is possible to block incoming calls and use anti-theft functions. The latter implies that in case of loss or theft, you can remove everything from your device or simply block it.

Previously, this feature was only available to iPhone owners. But now you can get all this on your Android. By the way, before this application was paid. But we hasten to please you, now it is in free access. Do not miss this opportunity!

By the way, with this tool, you can set passwords for other applications that are already installed on your phone. Firstly, it is suitable for those who want to be sure that his data is not accessible to others. Secondly, this function blocks the automatic launch of infected programs. 

3. McAfee Mobile Security


  • Advanced anti-theft security system.
  • This application prevents the leakage of any data.


  • There is an annoying advertisement.

Many have already heard about this name thanks to computer software that fights viruses. Now users and fans of this software can see it on their mobile phones.

There is also an anti-theft function. You can also lock your phone or clear data. But there is one more pleasant surprise. If your phone is stolen, then this application can even take a photo of an attacker. Incredible, isn’t it?

The software will scan all applications on your device. If threats are detected, they will be blocked. Also, all malicious sites will be blocked. You can create a blacklist for both incoming calls and messages.

If you need to take photos or videos so that no one knows about them, then you can make them straight from the application. They are encrypted and sent to storage.

There is another interesting feature. If someone tries to hack or gets into your storage, then you can get his photo.

In general, this is a really feature-rich application. Therefore, do not pass by if you are worried about security.

4. Sophos Free Antivirus and Security


  • There are no intrusive ads here.
  • Strong protection against any malware.
  • Ability to configure two-factor authentication.


  • In fact, this application has no particular drawbacks.

This is a free application that, unlike many, does not contain annoying ads. It will block sites that may damage your device or contain spam. Using a QR code scanner, you can read and process the data received from your contacts, Wi-Fi, and sites.

In the event of a leak of confidential information, you will be notified of this. The application plans to scan everything that is on your device. It will do this periodically. And every day the database will be updated to ensure protection from viruses or dangerous programs.

There is a function to configure a secure Wifi connection. Also, the app will be able to generate one-time passwords for two-factor verification. 

5. Lookout: Security and Identity Theft Protection


  • Availability of in-depth security checks.
  • Good protection against identity theft.


  • Despite many advantages, it has negative reviews.

This is another powerful application for your iPhone. Your gadget will be protected by four levels of protection. It will be checked for any threats and notify you if you are connected to an insecure Wi-Fi network.

There is also an anti-theft system. Your gadget can be tracked by location, you will be able to set an alarm that will work even in silent mode, and there is even the possibility to send SMS messages. So you can send SMS with a request to return your gadget in case of loss or theft.

It is possible to create backups. But if you need even more features, you can purchase the Premium version. In this option, you will be notified of identity theft and security regarding social networks. In general, such a package provides a more complete range of functions. And the cost is 9.99 dollars. 

Let’s Conclude

Summing up, we can say that almost all apps from our list have similar functionality and a high level of protection. Even if you doubt that there is an urgent need to download such an application, think about additional features.

When choosing security, pay attention to the additional functions of antiviruses, with which you can not only protect your smartphone, but also recover lost data, and block it if it is stolen. By the way, these applications do not adversely affect the speed of your smartphone, traffic leakage, and battery life.

In any case, be careful when installing new apps on your gadget. Remember: when downloading applications from unofficial websites, the risk of getting a threat increases many times. We kindly recommend using the solutions that can be purchased from official branded websites or downloaded from Google Play Market or Apple Store. 

Try one of the apps depending on your device, and you will not regret it. We are sure that you will not even raise a hand to remove it!

Gregory VChapman Bio:

Gregory is passionate about researching new technologies in both mobile, web and WordPress. Also, he works on Best Writers Online the best writing services reviews. Gregory in love with stories and facts, so Gregory always tries to get the best of both worlds.

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