Can I replace my own cracked MacBook screen DIY style?

cracked macbook screen

Alright, it’s not a leading question. Yes, we’d love to replace as many MacBook cracked screens as possible to save the world and further our business. But, hey, if you’ve got the Mac skills to pull off replacing your screen, go for it!

Not sure if you can replace your own MacBook screen?

DIY tools

Here are the five factors to consider:

1. You’ll need 30 minutes to 1 hour of time, depending of how long you may take. It may take longer if sidetracked.

2. This is considered to be moderately difficult according to Apple and DIY sites.

3. This will take between 18 to 40 steps depending on the specific model.

4. You’ll need to buy a quality screen. Make sure it’s listed as a full LCD screen assembly or else you’ll be left piecing together an impossibly difficult jigsaw puzzle.

5. Your hands: must be sturdy, confident, and well, solid with hand-eye coordination skills.

Maybe I scared you off. Maybe I didn’t. My intentions here are to ensure you’re confident to perform the job. I’ve seen some customers attempt to do this and made matters much worse. If you’ve said “No prob” to the five factors above, then go right ahead and perform your DIY MacBook screen replacement project. If you’re scared off like I get when I see clowns (long story), then you know who to call!

Shameless plug part

We take care of MacBook screen replacements on an hourly basis and happy to provide a free diagnostic for your MacBook. We are known for performing same-day MacBook cracked screen replacements in NYC. If you need us, we’d be happy to oblige.

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