What’s better for our new video conferencing daily lives? Zoom or updated Google Meet

zoom vs google meet

Let’s face it. according to facetimeforpc.site We’re now a sit at home and video chat world. Yes, we’re going through the stages of getting back to the 100% in-person world. But, until then, why not make sure your video chat is up to snuff for you.

It really boils down to Zoom or Google Meet. Those are the heavy hitters. Many times, you won’t have a choice if the meeting is set for you whether it’s for work, your kid’s school, or a random sales person.

But, if you have the ability to set up your own meeting, let’s check out what the features are of Zoom and Google Meet to determine which one is right for you.

Zoom features

  • Easy web conferencing setup
  • Remote control option – grab control of others’ computers
  • Draw on screen
  • Chat in meeting is simple
  • Latest update – end-to-end encryption – no more drive-by zoomers!

Google Meet features

  • Got G suite (google apps or gmail)? – easy to integrate
  • Easy integration with phone calls
  • Latest update – Cloud De-Noiser – if you’re not on mute, any background noises, like fans, snack crunching, or crying babies will be automatically muted. Pretty cool.

Personally, I’m a Zoom fan. It’s an easy tech setup for your home or simple computer setup for your company. It doesn’t have to be tied in a Google account and a free account will actually last hours if needed. It seems like the more popular video chat of choice and has encrypted security to make it pretty much as secure as Google Meet. That being said, if your company uses the G suite for email and calendar, it’s a great intracompany tool which will keep a record of conversations.

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