Use Gmail? Here are 3 hidden features that will make you love Gmail.

3 hidden gmail features

Gmail is THE email of choice. It’s online, responsive, and easy to use. But, you can do more! Just found these 3 hidden features that will now make you love Gmail more. And it gives you, you know, that cool factor.

Let’s get to it. Here are 3 awesome, hidden features in Gmail you’ll love:

Save time. Enable auto-advance.

When you go through emails and stop on say the 20th email. If you open that 20th email in you inbox list, Gmail will bring you back to the top as a default instead of your 21st email. It’s better for time management if the next email you go to is the next one in your list. It saves time and gives you a note of where you left off.

Take care of by going to Settings->Advanced->Auto-Advance.

gmail auto advance

Make Gmail look like Outlook.

For those Outlook die-hards, myself included, make your Gmail look like Outlook. You know what I mean. The window pane-look. To make this happen, go to your Gear icon->Quick Settings->Reading Pane and select Right of inbox or Below inbox.

outlook setup preview in gmail

Prioritize and snooze less important emails.

Not ready to reply to an email right away? Need more time to think about it? Not that important to answer right away? Snooze it. Hover over your message and click the clock button on the right and choose a time and date later to answer. It will then appear at the top of your inbox at the selected time. I like this because it’s so easy to forget non-priority emails although they should still be answered eventually.

Alright, with just 3 quick features here you can make Gmail your own customized baby. Tech experts need not apply. It’s pretty simple to setup.

Gmail snooze setup

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