Is a 14-inch laptop screen big enough?

Is a 14-inch laptop screen big enough?

Laptops have been an integral part of the IT revolution that we have been undergoing since the early 2000’s. People are working on the go, processing data, crunching in numbers, creating and editing content digitally. 

Being the absolute busybodies they are, people tend to look for laptops and notebooks that help them meet their end of working hard pressed. Computers and laptops with big screens and big bodies have always been sought after and thus marketable. 

Laptops have been an integral part of the IT revolution that we have been undergoing since the early 2000’s. People are working on the go, processing data, crunching in numbers, creating and editing content digitally. And now, they are also studying online. Anyone can learn a new skill and receive certification online. College students can even pursue degrees, not to mention all the helpful educational tools, essay and research paper writing service platforms that they have access to. As long as you have a laptop and a stable internet connection, you can do anything.

But for people that need to be active on their systems no matter the time or their location, smaller screen laptops are the most viable option and thus are in demand.

Can one do with a 14-inch laptop screen? Is it big enough?

A 14-inch laptop specializes in being portable and nifty not only because of its screen size but because of the following reasons:


Taking into consideration the size difference of a 14-inch laptop and its closest variant, a 15.6-inch laptop, we can totally understand why the weight difference is as much as it is. 

Laptops are made to be carried around as your own personal system, and thus it’s best if it weighs less. Carrying around a heavy system not only requires a sturdier backpack but also requires a lot of energy for a daily commuter. 

Being a smaller variant, it has a lesser risk of shocks or impacts from outside. Thus weighing less definitely adds an edge to a 14-inch laptop.


Working on the go is the primary reason for buying a laptop. With a heavier and bigger laptop, working even when you do not have a desk becomes a major inconvenience. 

A bigger laptop is not only prone to shocks on commutes but has a tendency to wear you out if you’re using your legs as a stand. 14-inch laptops are well optimized to be carried around as they are too compact.

Working faster:

As a 14-inch laptop fits right on your lap; it increases typing and working efficiency of the user. With a screen as compact, going through data and lines is a cakewalk. The keyboard usually doesn’t have number pads on the side which might hinder typing speed a little. 

But it fits right into the chassis perfectly to provide the best typing experience. With a perfectly optimized keyboard working faster would be undemanding. 

Density of pixels:

The 15.6-inch laptop, which is an immediate variant of the 14-inch laptop, is considerably bigger in size than the latter. The screen resolutions on both laptops are optimized equally, but the screen size is a major decisive factor in pixel distribution. 

The 15.6-inch laptop has a bigger screen, but the same resolution has worse pixel distribution whereas, in a 14-inch laptop, the pixels are closely packed into a smaller screen, thus providing a richer experience.

Battery life:

The screen provides the output is a major player in deciding the battery life of any device is it a laptop or any mobile device. Working on a smaller screen for longer periods of time won’t induce as much battery drain as in a 15.6-inch laptop. 

14-inch laptops also have a significantly lesser amount of high-grade specs due to low space in the body and thus demand a lot less battery consumption.


Given above was a conclusive list of reasons on why a 14-inch screen on a laptop is optimum. Not only can one make do better with a smaller screen, but it can also be deduced that a 14-inch laptop screen is big enough.

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