Repairing Your Gaming Laptop Vs. Buying A New One

Repairing Your Gaming Laptop Vs. Buying A New One

Should you repair your old gaming laptop, or should you buy a new one? This is a dilemma many people don’t have the correct answer to. On the one hand, you are used to your old gaming laptop as it has everything you use, including your games, controls, presets, accessories, etc. On the other hand, a new gaming laptop usually means better performance, faster loading times, higher refresh rates, better response times, improved key travel, improved resolution, etc. So which should you choose? What should you do?

These questions are what we’ll be answering here. While there are multiple factors to consider, we believe that at the end of this article, you’ll have enough information to make the best possible decision for you. So, without taking too much of your time, let’s get right into it:

Factors To Consider When Deciding To Fix or Buy A New Laptop

Just as we noted above, repairing your gaming laptop or buying a new one depends on many different factors. We’ve analyzed all of these factors below:

The Problem With Your Laptop

The first factor to consider is the problem you’re having with your gaming laptop. Is it a problem that can be fixed or not? Besides the fact that it helps you make a better decision, knowing what’s wrong with your laptop also enables you to save money.

You may not even need to upgrade or replace your computer’s parts before getting improvements. For instance, let’s assume your laptop has an overheating problem. This can be caused by too much dirt in the vents or on your fan, or maybe the thermal paste is no longer effective. Instead of buying a new laptop, simply cleaning out the fan and the vent, removing the old thermal paste, and adding a new slab could solve the problem.

One the other hand, you can choose to upgrade or replace parts instead of changing the laptop as a whole. For example, let’s assume your computer is slower and getting unresponsive. This is often caused by low RAM or storage. Instead of changing your entire laptop, simply upgrading the RAM of your computer or changing the storage from HDD to SSD can provide you with improvements.

Additionally, you’ll want to consider the cost of repair or upgrade. If the cost of repair is close to the price of a new gaming laptop, you should opt for the latter option. For instance, if you have a broken screen or a fried motherboard that costs $500 to fix, and the laptop you want costs $600, you should opt for a new laptop instead of replacing the faulty components.

The Age of Your Machine

This is one important factor many people don’t consider when deciding on whether or not to get a new computer. Computers are built to be highly functional for a long time. Still, they eventually wear down and lose their functionality over time.

Depending on how well-built your computer is, you’ll get between 3 to 7 years of optimal performance from it. Basically, the higher the original spec of your laptop, the better it will last. So, why do your computers not last? Why do they lose functionality as time goes on? Multiple factors are contributing to this, including:

Operating System Updates: These updates are undeniably essential as they help your system function properly. They help protect your laptop from malicious files and websites while improving your user experience and the computer as a whole. Since technologies improve now and then, these updates will also become enhanced. And in time, they may either be too much for your gaming laptop to handle, or they simply won’t be compatible with your device.

Processing Power: As we noted above, computers get different software and app updates over time, and websites integrate multiple features for better user experience. While these updates and features are great, some of them will require more processing power from your computer to function correctly.

Durability: Many cheap computers are made with cheap materials to reduce costs. This can lead to the machine breaking down or snapping into pieces as time goes by. Many of these laptops also have inadequate cooling systems, which can affect the entire system in a few years.

Multiple Breakdowns: Just as with other electronics, your gaming laptop can breakdown with no warning. In fact, many computers, both old and new, can break down with no specific cause. However, older laptops have a higher risk of breaking down than newer laptops. Simply put, the older your gaming laptop, the higher its chances of breaking down. Most breakdowns start with the hard drive before moving on to other hardware pieces.

Factors To Consider Before Buying A New Laptop

Buying a new laptop isn’t always the best option. This is because there are some soft costs you may need to consider before deciding to get a new laptop. These soft costs include:

Software: Many of the software we have on our computers are licensed and not owned. This means that you may not be allowed to transfer them to other computers even if you’re the owner. For software that can be transferred, you may need to use the original CD or DVD, or a license key to activate it on your new laptop. This can be a hassle as you may not have these keys or CDs anymore, which means you’d have to shell out hundreds of dollars to repurchase the software.

Data: Many users still have most of their data on their laptops, including games, music, photos, and tools. Most people overlook the expenses that come with transferring this data. You may need to buy external hard drives, USB cables, HDMI cables, etc. to move your data. And for those who already have their data backed up in the cloud, you may need to pay for network or WiFi subscriptions to download your data back.

Learning Curve: There are many different OSs to choose from these days. From Android to ChromeOS, Windows, and Mac, each operating system has its perks and downsides. Additionally, some of these operating systems, such as the Windows OS, come in different variants, like Windows 7, 8, and 10. It may take a while before you get used to how things run on each software type. You may even have more difficulty transitioning from one OS to the other if you’re moving from one ecosystem to the other, like moving from Windows to macOS.


Should I Fix My Laptop Or Buy A New One?

So, if you’re asking yourself  “Should I Fix My Laptop Or Buy A New One?”. The answer to thatthis question depends on the factors we’ve discussed above. If the problem your computer is facing can be easily resolved, such as cleaning the fan or fixing the keyboard, we suggest that you repair it instead. However, if you have an old laptop or the cost of repairing your computer is close or more than the price of getting a new one, we suggest that you get a new laptop.

Gaming is a hobby that requires the best hardware you can get your hands on. You don’t have to purchase a laptop with an expensive price tag. There are many gaming laptops you can buy for less than $1000, and you’ll get reasonable frame rates, good screen resolution, low response time, and more.

However, it’s important to note that while many laptops under 800 or 1000 bucks can handle casual games decently, they may not be able to handle intensive games. If you play intensive games, you’ll need to have a decent budget and opt for high-end specs. A good gaming laptop under $2000 might be able to handle your gaming flair.

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