The Best Browser Plugins for Essay Writing

The Best Browser Plugins for Essay Writing

Writing a well-developed essay isn’t very easy and requires a great deal of time, attention, and effort. After doing extensive research and organizing your thoughts, you think you’re ready to put your ideas down, and then you’ll become an essay writer. But things aren’t that easy; there are actually many other things you should consider. 

Professional writing services are always perfect options to help you with your essay writing. A professional essay writing service makes sure you don’t have to deal with the hassles of delivering an error-free essay. There are legit essay writing services that provide solutions to the students’ essay writing needs and assist them with their studies. 

If you want to do the writing task yourself, you should be able to juggle several things at the same time. These tasks range from beating procrastination and getting down to writing to delivering a well-crafted essay that reads smoothly and adds value.

But the good news is that you don’t have to do these things on your own. Like all areas of our life, technology has made writing easier, too. There’s a suite of browser plugins to help writers with their essay writing tasks. 

Here’s our selection of Chrome extensions that have proved useful. 

Productivity Browser Plugins for Writers 

These Chrome extensions help you boost your productivity. 

Stay Focused

Do you ever find yourself surfing the net, spending a long time on a specific website? It makes you lose your focus and even procrastinate. This plugin allows you to set a time limit on the sites that take up your time. 

After the defined time limit has passed, the Chrome extension blocks the website. So, you’ll have to go back to your task and avoid losing your productivity.  


It is one of the most practical browser plugins for writers. Ideas are everywhere, and writers tend to be looking for essay ideas anywhere they go. But storing these ideas can be tricky since storage tools may not always be readily available. This handy tool lets you highlight a block of text or a whole webpage. Then it saves the selected text for you so you can go back to it later. You can also share these saved pages with your colleagues or classmates. 


This Chrome extension is a practical tool for research. More often than not, we find a webpage through search but fail to use it because it gets lost among the sea of other pages and tabs. OneTab saves all the tabs that you need and groups them together. It clears the clutter on your Chrome by converting all the open tabs into a list, saving memory consumption. 

When you want to use the saved taps, simply click on it, and OneTab will restore it for you. 


This straightforward extension is ideal for multitaskers. Those who easily get drowned in the things they have to do at the same time can benefit from this plugin. Timeout uses the Pomodoro technique to remind you to take regular breaks after you’ve worked for a certain amount of time that you define. It helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle by telling you to drink water, stretch your legs, or eat a healthy snack. 

It’s also useful for procrastinators. They can use this extension to allocate short chunks of time, like 15 minutes, to doing their tasks before taking a short break. This way, they can make sure they’re on track, without wasting their time. 

Editing and Proofreading Browser Plugins

When you finally overcome procrastination and increase your productivity, you complete your writing task and need to make sure it is perfect and error-free. The following are plugins that come in handy. 


This extension works like a virtual editor for you. After finishing the essay, use Grammarly to collect helpful tips for creating a professional-looking text with zero mistakes. It checks your writing for spelling, style, and even plagiarism issues and provides many useful suggestions. Using this plugin, you can make sure nothing is left unchecked even if you have a good eye for detail. 

Auto Text Expander

You can install and sync this plugin on your Chrome browsers across all your devices. It works like a shortcut key for entire phrases that you type frequently. It can help you save time by reducing keystrokes. You just type one word in the phrase and press the shortcut button, and the whole phrase appears in your text. 


This extension is particularly useful for academic essays, where you need to provide references for your content. Just with one click, you can cite websites, books, or other papers. It supports a wide variety of referencing styles, including Harvard, Chicago, APA, MLA, and many others. 


It’s a cool, retro, and distraction-free writing tool. As an internet typewriter, it doesn’t have any fonts, bold, or italics. You just type your text on the background color of your choice. You can export the written document as PDF or text, and more importantly, you have access to it from any device. 

Bottom Line

Writing a perfect essay needs a lot of time and effort. But it doesn’t have to be a source of frustration since many online tools remove a significant portion of the burden. For tech-savvy writers, useful browser plugins are available to help them improve their productivity, focus, and keep high quality of writing. 

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