Spare time? Should you now get a custom gaming PC?

Should I buy a custom gaming PC computer?

Every kid has that dream car they envision when growing up, right? When I was 5, I thought a red corvette was the coolest thing ever. I don’t know, maybe Prince was subliminally in my mind, crooning, “Little red corvette…” Of course, my car dreams changed every year among other goals. The point is we all have dreams and when your dreams can become a reality, you should seize that moment.

COVID-19 is a precarious time. Yes, we feel all kinds of emotions, but when you’re ready to, well, I don’t like the term, but it’s appropriate, capitalize on your idle time if you have spare time, you should! What I’m trying to say is if you’re one of the many who is at home out of work, remotely working, or just have more time on your hands, you should do something about it!

After you’ve exhausted your Netflix, Amazon Video, Disney Plus, Hulu, and other movie list, what next? How about try your place in the gaming arena! Even if you never had a gaming system before, surely, you’ve played video games, right? Alright, so point made. The spice of life. Try gaming. Not only can you play games and compete against others online, but you can keep in touch with friends. It’s also great for kids to keep in touch with their peers. We have tons of parents who ask us to set up custom PC machines so their kids can still socialize with their friends during the pandemic.

Look, September is rolling around and we still don’t have an in-school schedule that anyone is comfortable with. As such, you should think of augmenting your kids’ and your schedule with a little healthy gaming competition.

As long as sports activities and social distancing is in place, competition, and socialization are really at a bare minimum. Gaming is a great way to aid in the way of normalizing our kids’ schedules. Plus, we, adults can enjoy it too!

A future blog will be dedicated to if you should build your own gaming PC, buy one, or send your parts in to a computer repair center to build for you in the US. Live in the UK? You can go to a UK custom gaming repair center like Fierce PC. Fun stuff!

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