Windows Crashing Often? Opening & Closing Frequently might be the Cause

Windows 10 crashes

A recent problem has been reported by many Windows users. Apparently, users are facing a system crash when they open and close the system frequently. To be precise, the Windows 10 versions that have a laptop with the configuration of an external connection to 4K resolution, are the prime examples to be facing the issue. 

Concerning that, Microsoft is currently working on a Laptop Repair solution to fix the issue which seems to be relevant to Desktop Windows Manager. Many users have been concerned about the problem whereas a recent entry in the Microsoft Support states that the system crash is triggered by a software bug. 

This software bug is a part of the Microsoft DirectX memory Management. It also implies that the problem is within the software configuration than hardware. 

Details on Windows 10 System Crash!

Before getting into the details of the Laptop Repair Windows 10 crash, it is important to know how Desktop Windows Manager works with Windows 10. It gives a narrative for how the pixels of system applications represent on the display screen. 

According to a post by the official Microsoft team, previous updates on Windows had a configuration that recently does not seem to work. The windows in the system, individually do not draw to the screen directly whenever the composition for desktop was enabled. 

Instead of that, the video memory receives the drawing as an off-screen surface. After that, the screen displays the image after being rendered. In simple words, the visual effects that are connected to desktop activities are of high resolution such as 4K and a feature in Windows 10 is responsible for that. 


Users have been discussing the gravity of the situation and the problem on online public forums on Laptop Repair. In conclusion, it can be said that the crash occurred by DWM may produce varieties of effects. Additionally, these effects can be mild to severe in terms of the overall security and performance of the system. 

On the other hand, many Windows 10 users are concerned about certain changes made in the system such as the change of desktop icons including the size and rearrangement of it. While other users complained about a scenario where they could not activate the Windows Aero Theme.  

In-depth, the Windows Aero theme is a theme that supports 3D previewing, switching to other Windows and performing any other operations, etc.  

Meanwhile, there are some Windows users who reported to face a full black screen of death which was stagnant. The only way to get out of the black screen is to restart the system every time it happens. 

To know more about the issue, it is important to break down the scenario from which these issues are caused. Microsoft mentioned that there are two specific scenarios that can give rise to the issue but only if a certain amount of criteria are met with. 

Scenarios that Trigger the Issue

Microsoft explains that there are particularly two scenarios that trigger the issues. Following are the two system scenarios:

Scenario 1

In the first scenario, a number of series can trigger the problem, for example:

  • You connect your Windows 10 laptop to an HDMI monitor externally. 
  • The minotaur that you’ve connected to the laptop has configurations to play video graphics in 4K resolution. 
  • You play videos in 4K H264 configuration more than often, in Microsoft’s app, “Movies & TV”.
  • When in the Control Panel, you visit the Advanced Settings, and then from there you configure an option of Power Options where you set the lid to “Close” and let it rest. Then, you choose the action that says “Do Nothing”. 
  • You frequently open and close the computer lid when the video is being played back in 4K resolution. 

Scenario 2

Following are the number of series in Scenario 2 that can trigger issues:

  • In your Thunderbolt 3 docking station, you choose to connect two separate monitors that operate in 4K configuration. 
  • You connect a laptop configured with 4K to a docking station of a 4K monitor. Then, you extend the configuration of 4K to triple 4K  using the “Extend” or “Clone” mode. 
  • You continuously keep docking and undocking the laptop system frequently. 

How to Know Your System is Going to Crash?

A system crash never comes with a notice. But, the majority of the time, there are error codes, some unusual activity in the system that can help you give an idea of what to embrace in terms of Laptop Repair. 

Following are the typical scenarios when a system is about to crash:

  1. Noisy Hard Drive

If you encounter a noisy hard drive then there is not much of a solution for it. Instead, you can reduce the risk by managing the contents in the hard drive. Try doing a backup or delete unused or error files in it. 

  1. System Lag

Many times, a system starts to lag and eventually it ends up crashing the system. If your system performance has reduced, try freeing up the RAM or use built-in tools to clean the internal disk. 

  1. Loud PC Fan 

If your laptop or PC has a fan that runs louder than usual, then it implies that the components in the system are overheating. Thus, the fan is overworking to keep the system as cool as possible. To reduce the problem, what you can do is use software that monitors PCs and it’s various usage and also minimizes them for optimal performance. 

  1. Hardware Confliction

Hardware conflict occurs when two or software work while using the same components of the hardware parallelly. This makes the system more unstable. To resolve this problem, you can visit the Device Manager and check which applications are conflicting with each other, usually with an indication sign of exclamation mark. 

  1. Corrupted Files

One of the biggest signs that your system will soon crash is files turning out to be inaccessible. The files that worked smoothly are not unable to open or show signs of error when you attempt to open. Run an Antivirus scan on the system and look out for malicious files or malware since they are majorly responsible for system crashes. 

Final Words!

Despite the effort, you still may encounter system crashes where you can refer to Laptop Repair services for more help. However, keep an eye out for Microsoft’s update patch that they’ve promised. This patch will resolve the persisting issues with the system crash successfully!

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