Gaming Laptop Buying Guide: 7 Factors You Need to Consider

Looking for the best gaming laptop in the market can be daunting for you because there are plenty of choices available. But whatever your needs or your budget, there is always the right laptop out there for you.

But which gaming laptop is the right pick and what should you keep in mind before buying one? Here is a detailed gaming laptop buying guide for you. We’ve included 7 most important things that you should take into consideration.

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Screen Size

Although size is a matter of personal preference, it matters when looking for a gaming laptop. Most screens are 15 or 17 inches, but there are some with 18-inch panels and a few with 14-inch systems. So, choose a screen size that works best for you, but keep in mind that the bigger the screen, the larger and heavier the laptop.

Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)

The GPU, a key feature when separating non-gaming laptops from gaming ones, plays an important role in determining the performance of your system when playing games. For gamers who love action-packed multiplayer games, such as the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the processing unit should be an important factor to consider as it supplies the system with intensive power and graphics needed for your gaming.

Central Processing Unit (CPU)

The CPU, the brain in the laptop, plays a key role in video gaming. Choose at least a Hexa core or a quad-core processor from AMD or Intel. And avoid anything below AMD 2nd Gen Ryzen or Intel 10th Gen Core.

Although gaming depends more on the quality of the GPU than CPU, get a processor with enough power because the latter is not upgradeable. So, you are making the decision once.

Random Access Memory (RAM)

For the normal tasks, 8GB is recommended, but you will need 16GB of RAM for a gaming laptop. And if your budget allows, get 32GB. Lack of enough memory lags the gaming, and in worst cases, the games might crash or not run at all. Remember you can always upgrade the memory, so a lower RAM should not be a deal-breaker.


Most gaming laptops have a 1TB Hard Disk Drive (HDD), which is enough storage. However, it is important to ensure that your system also has a small SSD (Solid State Drive). The SSD serves as a boot drive which makes your laptop load super-fast. If you’ve the budget, buy a laptop with SSD only, however for budget buyers use SSD for boot and mechanical hard drive for storage function. Refer to this article for


Changing the keyboard in your gaming notebook is not an easy task, so it is important to get it right from the start. Take your time to assess the quality of the keyboard based on its key travel as well as the actuation and backlighting.


Gaming laptops overheat frequently, interrupting the performance. This may cause your game to freeze or lag in crucial moments. Well, a good gaming laptop should have a mechanism for lowering the system’s temperature, so always check if the one you want to purchase has a proper cooling system.

Final Thoughts

With these useful tips, you can choose a good gaming notebook from the ever-growing market of gaming laptops. Of course, these are just pointers, but choose a system that meets your needs as well as one that fits your lifestyle and price range. Make sure you don’t compromise on quality as you’ll end up at a repair shop sooner that you’d anticipated. Instead, buy a gaming laptop that has favorable customer ratings as there is nothing trustworthy than a real recommendation from a fellow gamer.

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