Best Mobile-Friendly Teaching Tools for Teachers

Education no longer has geographical restrictions. In recent times, educational mobile apps have brought a major change in teaching and learning methods. Today, students can complete exams, do online courses, submit their assignments, interact with teachers, start a group discussion, and check their test results online using a centralized software system, thanks to the latest mobile apps and advanced software solutions.

Teachers can assign projects, upload lecture videos, conduct tests and assessments, and monitor their students’ performance with just their mobile device. All you need is a high-quality smartphone. Buy the latest iOS or Android mobiles and use the below-listed tools for the best teaching experience.

1.      Zoom

Zoom is remote employees’ and teachers’ favourite app. It allows you to have a face-to-face conversation with your students, as well as colleagues or parents. Zoom facilitates online meetings, tutorials and classes. By hosting digital classes through Zoom, the app allows you to invite hundreds of students to attend an online class.

Overall, this online meetings app makes it easier for teachers to communicate with students who are studying remotely, as well as allowing students to communicate with each other. You could also use the app to share important files and assignments with your students. Zoom is available for free, with the option of paid premium plans.

2.      Google Classroom

Google Classroom acts as a digital learning platform. This all-in-one e-learning mobile app allows you to share assignments, initiate a chat with students, send feedback, and conduct assessments. All you need to do is make a code and forward it to the students. The app is available for both Android and iOS users. Students can enter a virtual class using the codes. This virtual teaching app makes the grading and assessment processes a whole lot easier for teachers.

Students no longer need to worry about losing their files and important documents. You don’t even have to create a backup as everything is stored in the cloud. Google Classroom is an excellent option for schools and colleges that are planning to go paperless.

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3.      Edmodo

Another virtual teaching app for teachers and tutors is Edmodo. With over 34 million active users, Edmodo has become one of the leading e-learning mobile apps. It enables teachers to interact with their students, create groups, monitor the individual performances of each student, and share the student’s progress with their parents. The app makes it possible for teachers to offer a personalized learning experience to each student.

Basically, it is a virtual classroom that allows teachers and students to communicate ideas and useful tips. It also creates a group learning environment by connecting students with their classmates, allowing them to solve questions together and clear doubts easily. Teachers can also use this app to assign work to each student.

4.      Socrative

Socrative is used to improve students’ learning experience. It enables teachers to set up a quiz with academic questions to test students’ knowledge. All you need to do is create a quiz and share it with your students. It features a clean dashboard where you can view the quiz answers. Students can complete the quiz on their smartphones or laptops. It is a simple but effective learning app that helps monitor the progress of each student.

5.      Blackboard Collaborate

Blackboard collaborate is an all-featured e-learning app that supports seamless communication, file and video sharing options, group discussions, and whiteboards that can be used to display the PowerPoint presentation. The tool is available for mobile users: you can use it to invite students to the online lectures and virtual classrooms. Teachers can upload multimedia content on the platform, assign tasks to students, and communicate with the class through emoticons and texts. Now prank your friends using the latest Sms bomber free of cost.

The app features a hand function that allows students to raise hands and ask their questions. If they have any comment or query, they can send it to the teacher by using the hand icon. Overall, it is a digital classroom that allows teachers to communicate with students, upload lecture videos, answer students’ questions, clear common doubts, test students’ skills and knowledge, and organize group discussions.

6.      Classroom 2.0

This educational tool works as a social media platform for teachers. Teachers can use Classroom 2.0 to communicate with other tutors, share useful tips, and discuss complex topics. It is specifically designed to help tutors provide a personalized learning experience to their students. Teachers can discuss ways to improve the student’s e-learning experience. It allows you to discover advanced techniques to enhance the digital classroom and make your instruction effective and clear. If you are new to virtual teaching, then Classroom 2.0 is an excellent tool to get peer support.

You will find a wide array of tools for virtual teaching. While these tools all have their own unique features, they all focus on improving the students’ learning experience, while making it easier for teachers to deliver quality lessons. From sharing multimedia content with students to grading their assignments, these mobile tools allow you to offer the best learning experience to students.

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