Where can I get my cracked iPhone screen repaired in NYC?

It’s pretty straightforward, you can go to Apple or somewhere else to get your iPhone fixed. You probably think I’d say just to come to our iPhone repair center at New York Computer Help, but no, I actually recommend to go to Apple first if your under warranty. Why not?! You’ll pay just a cheap deductible of sometimes just as low as $29. But, if you’re not under warranty, you’ll need to have a good strategy.

Here are the steps to take to find where to get your cracked iPhone screen replaced in NYC:

  1. First, see if you’re under AppleCare coverage. If you still have a warranty, schedule an appointment and take care of it. It could be as low as $29. It’s a no-brainer. Cheap and taken care of by the manufacturer, Apple. Check if you have AppleCare Coverage
  2. If you don’t have AppleCare Coverage, then there are much cheaper options available to you. Third-party iPhone repair companies usually charge half the price Apple does on NYC iPhone screen replacements. The only exception here is that the new models of iPhones are still cheaper to get fixed by Apple. Parts are still new and expensive. But, we’ve found that last year’s model and older are still much cheaper from all stores not called Apple.
  3. Still under AppleCare coverage but spilled liquid on your iPhone? Apple doesn’t take kindly to that. You can still try to get it covered, but most likely they’ll scream foul and charge you full price or not even want to touch it. Third-party iPhone repair companies see these issues a lot because Apple doesn’t want to take them. Go to one of those repair shops to fix and salvage your photos, videos, and files.

Built behind Apple’s scheme is of course to push you into buying the latest and greatest iPhone. When you’re not under AppleCare coverage, Apple’s strategy is to make the repair cost so high that you’ll just give up and opt for a new iPhone. Sales 101. Push the product.

When looking for a third-party iPhone repair shop, don’t be scared that it’s not Apple authorized.

Here’s what to look for in determining the right third-party iPhone repair shop for you:

Where to get my cracked iPhone screen fixed in NYC?

-10+ years of experience with iPhone screen repairs

-Solid reviews and referrals

-Clear warranty and guarantee of work

-Quick turn-around

Another important note here is with the right to repair law, all third-party companies and iPhone users are authorized to repair iPhones.

In the past, Apple used to blame non-Apple companies for any issue on a phone if there was a problem. Apple can’t use that lame excuse any longer. All shops and people are allowed to repair iPhones and Apple can’t hold their mighty service monopoly on this any longer. What does this mean? You’re free to choose anyone or any company to fix your phone and you may still have Apple fix it in the future if you want.

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Outside NYC? Just mail in your device if in the US.