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Website Design: How your next website should look?

Thinking of giving your website a facelift? There are a few things to look out for. Some are guided by user friendliness and others are based on how Google’s algorithm is behaving.

On our website, newyorkcomputerhelp.com, we pretty much change the design every 3-5 years. It helps us stay relevant, look modern, and of course allow customers to easily find the services they’re looking for. There was once a time that our site was so keyword packed, that it hurt my eyes to look at it. But, those were the times when more was better. Looking like the encyclopedia was as if you were another page of Wikipedia, boasting yourself as a reliable source. Things have obviously changed. We are still in the era of too much content. So, less is more. Getting the point is key.

3 points to look out for when designing your new site.

Showcase 4 of your top sellers

You only have a few seconds to grab your website visitor. Just as one of my favorite entrepreneurs, Marcus Lemonis from The Profit, preaches, streamline your operations to 4 key sellers. And sell the sh%$ out of them. Listing thousands of items looks disorganized and will lose your viewers. If you’re not sure what to list, see what has driven the most sales in the last 12 months. Use the top 4. It’s that simple. If you want to stay in business, go with what is working for you.

Design should be unique

You should have a wow factor. Yes, your design may come from a template, but look to jazz it up to be unique. It will catch an eye or two and leave a lasting mark. Also, make it industry-relevant. If you’re in the garment or fashion industry, show a close-up of your logo or claim to fame stitch or whatever it may be. In tech, well show some gadgets or repairs. Make it relevant to you and your business.

Image is everything…or images that is

Don’t just post random images to fill up the page. Show working images of you and your team collaborating to get past jobs done. This will instill confidence in potential customers. Your images should be clear, crisp, and paint a picture so you don’t even have to write any text to explain it. Take the time to present relevant images. Your customers and Google will reward you.

Need help?

At New York Computer Help, we are experts in all things tech. That includes taking on web design projects, such as redesigns, new sites, maintenance, and ongoing support. Feel free to reach out if you need web design help.

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