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4 Ways to Protect Against Data Corruption on Company Computers


Modern computers and software have come a long way in their abilities to defend against viruses, malware, and other types of digital attacks. All the same however, cybercrime remains a major issue for businesses that rely heavily on computers. Both in large, tech-forward markets like New York and in smaller business communities around the world, modern computers remain at risk from cyber criminals — who, unfortunately, are also becoming steadily more sophisticated in their capabilities.

This means that companies today still need to make every effort to protect against data corruption that can occur on the devices they use. And there are a few key ways to do this, concerning both preemptive and practical measures.

1. Employing Antivirus Software

The best way to preemptively protect your company’s computers and other connected devices from data theft or corruption is still to employ antivirus software. This is something that was for lack of a better word trendier some time ago, simply because we used to use the term virus more frequently. Rest assured, however, that viruses and other similar threats remain at large, and the right protective software can protect company devices from the worst of them. A New York Times article on protecting digital privacy correctly points out that antivirus software is more necessary for Windows computers than their Mac counterpart (Mac devices generally having better inherent protection). But regardless of the brand, if your company relies heavily on computers, antivirus software — as well as network protection software — is a good plan.

2. Obtaining Legal Protection Against Data Loss

Another preemptive measure to take is to make sure that, if you’re in charge of the company in question, you obtain legal protection against a possible loss or corruption of data. There are a few different ways to do this, but the best way to ensure blanket protection against this sort of problem is to make sure that the company itself is set up as an LLC — or limited liability company. A ZenBusiness piece about establishing New York LLCs conveys that it is actually a simpler matter than you might assume, requiring very little time or effort. And the benefits of such a business include that the owner is shielded from any liability for business losses or legal problems that might arise. That doesn’t mean that the business itself can’t suffer from a loss of data. But in legal terms it stops you as the owner from being personally liable for this sort of problem, which is an important aspect of comprehensive protection against data corruption.

3. Knowing Who to Call for Help

Knowing who to call when a data breach does occur can actually be a tricky problem. Indeed many people reading this right now, if they stop to think, likely won’t have an idea of who to call first. This is partly because there really isn’t a universal answer to the question. You might have an IT expert that you can start with, or someone your company has used in the past to address IT matters. You might consider consulting with a private company that handles issues like cybersecurity and data loss. Last year, an NPR article on cops and cybercrime even indicated that the NYPD is now playing a role in addressing these issues — not directly, but through new training that helps officers to direct callers to the right assistance. Whatever solution might be best for your company though, it’s best to give it some thought beforehand, so that you know who to call when the time comes.  You can also try Scalefusions’ Enterprises Mobility Management Software which can manage company-owned as well as BYO devices and augment employee productivity and efficiency. 

4. Investing in Data Recovery

When a loss or breach of data does occur, you should also be prepared to invest in recovery efforts — even if you alert a relevant authority and seek help addressing the crime. Our post on ‘Windows Data Recovery’ delved into the purpose and process of this sort of effort, which is often brought up as a means of getting data off of the hard drive of a dead computer. But in many cases, data recovery can also help to partially salvage a situation when information has been lost or stolen. What appears to have been violated, corrupted, or stolen on a company computer will sometimes remain in a form that can be captured by a professional making a recovery effort.

In the end, not all cybercrime can be avoided or guarded against. But these steps will help companies today to be adequately prepared, both for protection and recovery.

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