How To Setup A Home Theater System

How To Setup A Home Theater System

If you love the idea of home theaters, there’s good news for you. You can easily set up a home theater all by yourself without spending a lot of money on this DIY project. By doing this, you can enjoy a fully immersive movie experience right inside your house without the need of going outside and waiting in lines to watch your favorite movies.

However, the biggest tech support question which still remains is, where should you start? Well, there are lots of variables to consider when you’re thinking about making a home theater. One of the biggest setbacks is the price of the setup, which can cost you anywhere from $10k to $25k for one home theater setup.

Moreover, there are lots of different options to choose from when it comes to buying different components for your home theater setup. These many available options can easily overwhelm you.

But don’t worry, as you can easily make a DIY home theater by yourself even if you don’t know a lot about tech. In this article, we’ll provide you with general information on how you can easily set up a home theater no matter what your price range might be.

Select The Right Area

If you’re already planning to set up your home theater, odds are that you know where to place it inside your house. You can use whatever area is available in your house, like the living area, a spare bedroom, or even a large basement ready to be transformed into a home theater. While selecting a space for the setup, there are some basic things you should keep in mind.

  •  One of the main considerations to make is the shape of the room you’ll place your setup in. If you have a choice available, choose to set up the theater in a rectangular room, with the TV and speakers placed on the shorter wall for maximum comfort and better sound quality.
  • The second thing on the list is Windows in the place where you’ll place your setup. Windows can cause the sound to get reflected off of them, and can hence produce sound distortion. Also, Windows can cause the light from outside sources to enter the theater room, causing reflections in your viewing screen. While curtains can help this situation, they give you an extra headache to adjust to before enjoying your movie session.
  •  Another thing that needs your consideration are the walls of your room. Regular drywall can prove to be a decent surface for the audio coming from your home theater. However, you should avoid adding art with glass on it, as it can also cause the sound to reflect.
  • When it comes to choosing the right type of flooring, you should add a carpet to your theater room. This will make your theater room feel cozier.
  • Paint the walls with a dark color to provide yourself with an uninterrupted movie experience.

Consider The Sound As Well

Since there are lots of great high-quality speaker options available in the market to choose from, it has actually decreased the price of great speakers because of the competition going on in the market. Moreover, the high-quality speakers available for an affordable price have converted this task into a work of art. So, only choose a high-quality speaker setup for your home theater.

  • When it comes to properly placing the speakers in a theater system, you have to place a 5.1 surround sound system in place. This system requires you to use 5 full-range speakers and one woofer. Use three speakers and woofer on the front, and the two remaining speakers on either side for the best results.
  • Additionally, your ears should be at the same distance from all of the speakers placed in your theater room. While this is impossible to reach in practice, you can actually tweak the woofer in such a way that the sound from every speaker reaches your ears at the same time.
  • The speaker placed in front of your eyes is the most important one. This speaker is used to project sound directly from the TV to your ears. This is especially true for listening to conversations without any delay. That’s why you should choose a high-quality center speaker for your setup without making any compromises.
  • The same thing goes with your woofer, as it should also be placed in the right location. For this, you should place it right after testing multiple times.

Display Is Also An Important Part

The main thing in any home theater setup is the TV, which is responsible for displaying the movie. Usually, you might think that having a larger display will provide you with more enjoyment while watching, but keep in mind that there is a specific limit to that as well. A display too large will make you swing your head around in order to watch the full scene. That is why you should invest in the right-sized screen and should make sure that you are viewing the screen at the right angle.

In order to connect your TV with speakers, you can conveniently use an HDMI switch. You can use one HDMI switch to output multiple HDMI channels while only populating one HDMI port on your TV. These switches also come with remotes which allow you to effectively control your viewing experience. Check out Gaming Cutter for the best HDMI switch.

  • When placing your TV in the right position, keep in mind that the optimum viewing angle is 30 to 40 degrees. Setting up your TV in the right way and place will allow you to enjoy your movie with minimum eye movement. The chairs should also be placed in your home theater while keeping in mind the optimum viewing angle.
  • Additionally, the ideal distance you should maintain from your TV is 1.5 to 2.5 times the total diagonal length of your TV.

This is how you can easily set up a home theater system in your house.

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