iPhone vs Samsung: A Study

If you’re in the quest for a high-end mobile phone which offers the latest features and best performance, the two most popular options you’ll come across will be Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S Series. While the question of iPhone vs Samsung, which is better, is always prevailing, guess it’s time to finally find the answers.

Designed and marketed by Apple Inc, iPhone is a range of smartphones that has set multiple levels of standards and benchmarks since its first launch. Apple, one of the world’s top 5 technological companies tops the hall of fame for its innovation, functionality, and the security it offers the user. Samsung, on the other hand, is a Korean company that has always been the competition of Apple, by introducing smartphones that are top-notch at a lesser price range.

Every year these two pioneers compete with each other by coming up with the latest and greatest features like better display, premium cameras, powerful processors, and much more. While it will be very difficult for you to choose the right one, we are here to help.

iPhone vs Samsung: The Features

We are narrowing down the discussion to the best of features both these phones have to offer and you can choose your perfect fit! Listed below are the trademark features of both these flagship phones and their drawbacks. Without any further ado, let’s get started!


iPhone’s designs have gone through drastic changes since the rounded, plastic-cased model released in 2007. Newer iPhone models are known for their luxurious sleek design and one of the kind front camera and face-unlocking features. Similarly, Samsung’s take on innovative designs is no different. The thin bezel designs and super weightless smartphones are iconic and widely loved by their customers throughout the world.

Screen Size, Resolution, and Build

While looking for a premium phone, the screen size and build always take the key spots. In the iPhone 12 vs Samsung S20 game, iPhone 12 has the upper hand with its classier display and build. The Samsung S20 is smaller than iPhone 12 and hence it feels comparatively less premium. Even though Samsung boasts about the premium and thinner bezel and faster charging compared to iPhone, the longer battery backup and better display features make iPhone 11 stand out.

Both the phones lack a headphone jack, surely you need to invest in wireless headphones! Both the models are fit outdoors as both are water-resistant. However, the Dynamic AMOLED display of Samsung is less effective in bright sunlight when compared to the Super Retina XDR OLED display of iPhone 12. While both the phones have splendid and flagship-worthy cameras, pictures captured in iPhone 11 speak louder. And if you want better sound quality, clearly iPhone 11 is the winner, on the whole, many features gives iPhone more stardom while comparing iPhone vs Samsung.

After a thorough study of all the features, it’s time to pick a winner for iPhone vs Samsung. Considering the audio and video performance and the powerful flagship model at an affordable price, iPhone 12 is the clear winner. Apple’s iPhone 12 is all-around excellence wrapped in a luxurious design. You can buy Samsung phone online at affordable prices. Also, iPhones are available in both online and offline stores. You may also consider repairing your iPhone as another option.

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