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Top 5 Magento Development Tools

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Magento is amongst the leading eCommerce platforms and is chosen by companies that run predominantly mid-sized and large online stores. Magento sites boast rich functionality and a high level of possible customization in comparison with other CMSs. That’s why it requires solid developing skills to maintain and improve such shops professionally.

Thus, to ensure the best performance of your shop as well as stay productive, a dev team should actively use various tools related to debugging, Magento 2 migration, site performance optimization, catalog, order and shipping management, and so on.

In this article, we’ll share five reliable development tools that you’ll probably find extremely helpful.

1. PWA Studio

A progressive web app is a website that has obtained flying loading speed and UX/UI comparable with those of mobile apps. At the same time, PWAs can be installed on the device without downloading and taking up storage space.

PWA Studio is a wholesome toolkit for Magento 2 that aids in crafting PWAs by customizing ready-made themes. Developers appreciate PWA Studio because:

  • they can use its solutions partially (omitting the unnecessary ones);
  • the architecture and framework are out-of-the-box (that eliminates tons of possible mistakes at the beginning of development);
  • the application builder is already configured (that means fewer hours spent on preparations).

2. Magento Developer Toolbar

This is a versatile solution that aids in finding various performance bottlenecks during development. It allows programmers to have relevant information about the number of queries executed, parse time, and memory consumption. This toolbar is wholesome not only for backends but also frontends as they gain a comprehensive overview of block rendering and template usage.

3. Z-ray for Magento

This tool is aimed at optimizing, monitoring, and debugging Magento stores. Moreover, it’s able to conduct in-depth analysis and assist in finding and fixing issues during the whole development process. Database queries and page requests are amongst the areas in which Z-ray definitely could be helpful.

4. Percona Toolkit

This toolkit consists of command-line tools for performing various database and system tasks that are tough to perform manually and on a daily basis. Percona is a reliable solution since it was formally tested and fully documented.

5. Xdebug

This is a vital extension for debugging and profiling PHP codes. Using the DBGp debugging protocol, this tool provides the following functions: step debugging, tracing, profiling, and code coverage analysis.

To Conclude

Magento development tools hugely facilitate the workflow of a dev team and enhance numerous parameters of your store. If you combine using these instruments with other measures like a website’s redesign, cybersecurity measures, and speed optimization, your online shop will certainly outperform many others.

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