2 Computer Issues That You Can Fix (and How to Fix Them!)

Have you recently encountered a number of issues with your computer device? Before you go ahead and call a professional repair company, you should consider fixing these problems yourself. You don’t necessarily need to be an expert in the field of tech maintenance in order to succeed with this challenge—rest assured, the issues listed below can be handled by both pros and novices alike.

Here are two computer complications that you can fix (plus a brief rundown on what you must do to fix them):

Noisy power supplies

If your computer has been making far too much noise as of late, you should attempt to fix this issue right away. Aside from being incredibly annoying and distracting, this could also signal the fact that your device is currently suffering from a number of underlying problems. Increased noise levels could be a symptom of a faulty power supply which, when left unattended for too long, could then lead to a whole host of damaging complications—one of which being your computer overheating and, in turn, exploding.

Do you want to tackle your noisy computer in an efficient and effective fashion? If so, you must seek to regulate its power supply right away. To perform this all-important task, you’re going to need to purchase a capacitor. When fitted into your device’s motherboard, this small yet powerful component will perform a number of integral functions: it will filter the noise emitted from your supply, it will condition power to your computer’s other components, and it will block direct currents in order to streamline the particle passing process.

When you decide to tackle your noisy computer once and for all, be sure to purchase the right parts from a reputable capacitors supplier. To find the very best tech devices, solutions, and tools on today’s market, be sure to check out Octopart.

Hard drive problems

It doesn’t take much for computer hard drives to become damaged and require hard drive data recovery. At some point in your life as a computer owner, you will no doubt face at least one of the following complications:

1. Corrupted files

2. Manufacturing defect

3. Overheating

4. Malware

5. Altered registry settings

Should you ever encounter any of these problems, your first port of call must be to test your hard drive. Thankfully, if your computer device is relatively new, this won’t be a tedious, time-consuming, or arduous task to undertake. Most modern hard drives come with a S.M.A.R.T (Self-Monitoring And Reporting Technology) solution built into them as standard. With this cutting-edge technology in place, internal disks are able to report their status and health updates back to the operating system. In turn, this means that you are afforded an insight into your hard drive’s data without having to dismantle your computer device.

Depending on the severity of the warning signs that you unearth in this instance, you will have to make one of two choices: fix the issues that have arisen or replace your old hard drive with a new one.

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