How to Fix Slow Internet Speed Issue?

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What’s more frustrating than having the best internet connection, but still getting slow speeds? Nothing! Yes, absolutely nothing is more infuriating than that. When it occurs to you, especially if you love streaming HD videos or playing games online, you are going to desiderate you could do anything to boost that slow connection.

Before we tell you some quick and easy fixes to handle slow internet speed issues, it is essential to first know what causes your speed to slow down. Well, the most common speed-slowing culprits include out-of-date devices, too many applications, blocked Wi-Fi signals, browser bottleneck, host server hang-ups, and bandwidth blues.

Top 3 Ways to Boost Your Internet Speed

Follow these quick and simple steps to improve your internet speed:

Unplug Your Modem and Router, and Plug Them In Again

All your networking equipment works pretty hard, so you must give them a break too. Unplugging your router and modem, waiting for a couple of minutes, and plugging them again helps these essential pieces of your network to refresh their memory and get a fresh start on things that may have been bogging them down earlier.

Change the Position of Your Router

You should try to keep as few physical obstacles between your Wi-Fi router and other devices as possible. Anything like doors, floors, ceilings, walls, large furniture, Bluetooth speakers, cordless phones, baby monitors, and other electronic equipment can weaken your signals, especially at longer distances.

For excellent Wi-Fi coverage, keep your router in a central location. You can also place it near the place where you most often access the internet.

Upgrade Your Internet Plan

If you feel that your internet is slow because you require more speeds than what your existing plan offers, it might be the right time to upgrade your internet plan. Also, if you have recently transitioned to working from home or the number of people in your household has increased, the best solution is to get a new plan that better suits your family’s needs.

How to Troubleshoot Your Internet Speed?

What is the Problem?Possible CauseTroubleshooting Method
During online streaming, the video keeps bufferingInsufficient download speeds to fund consistent playbackUse an Ethernet to connect your streaming deviceDisconnect any other devices connected to your networkTry to lower the resolution of your video
Unsynchronized Zoom video callsHigh latency or insufficient upload speedUse Ethernet to establish your connection Upgrade your internet planPrioritize your calls using your router’s QoS feature
Poor Wi-Fi performance in the nooks and crannies of the houseWeak wireless signalsChange the position of your routerGet a robust router or mesh network systemInvest in a good Wi-Fi extender
Extremely slow internet speeds near the month-endReached the allotted data limit which is causing throttled speedsGet a plan with unlimited dataKeep track of your data consumption throughout the month
Extremely slow internet speeds in the eveningPeak internet usage timeSchedule heavy file downloads for other timesMake sure you download TV shows, movies, and other media before rush hour
Wi-Fi keeps disconnectingUnstable router or weak wireless signalsReset your routerGet a new router

Bottom Line

If you have tried all these troubleshooting tips and are still unable to resolve the computer Internet issue, chances are the problem does not lie at your end, but your internet provider. If you are wondering if all internet service providers like Metronet internet are like that, then you couldn’t be more wrong. You can always try out a new service. In fact, you can even get a good deal when you sign up.



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