A Quick Guide to Pro Gaming Laptops

Guide to Pro Gaming Laptops

Do you wonder what laptops do pro gamers use? For the ultimate gaming experience, the pro gaming laptops are a must-have.

But what makes the best programming laptops? OR What laptop will be the best for pro gaming? If you don’t know, this article is for you. Here, we’ll let you know all about pro gaming laptops.

Pro Gaming Laptops: Do Pro Gamers Use Laptops?

Before discussing anything about pro gaming laptops, it’s essential to know who are pro gamers.

They’re like you  — gaming enthusiasts are competitive gamers. More than this, they’re professional players as well. They not only play games on a desktop Pc, but they also want on-the-go gaming.

They never want to compromise on their gaming device quality. It’s why they look for the best gaming laptops.

Pro Gaming Laptops: Are Gaming Laptops Worth Money?

Do you feel yourself under the spell of a fancy gaming rig? Yet, you want to know what worth gaming laptops will bring you before burning a hole into your pocket?

Should you buy a pro gaming laptop? Of course, yes!!! Here are some lucrative reasons to choose a pro gaming laptop.

  • They are portable. Thus, you can carry on your game at the cafe table.
  • They equally meet your gaming needs and other “laptop” usage like for studying or online working.
  • Connecting with the gaming community is much easier on gaming laptops.
  • Gaming laptops are incredibly versatile, apart from their graphics and extensive storage. You can connect your laptops with other displays and networks easily.
  • Pro Gaming laptops are extremely powerful in terms of buildability.

Thus, gaming laptops are your need if you’ve got a craze for gaming.

Why are Gaming Laptops Expensive?

Under the regular size of laptops, the outclass performance of the device makes it more expensive — a short answer.

Indeed there are many reasons why gaming laptops are costly.

  • These laptops are designed to help with faster speed. The result is extended power usage and heating up. Therefore, the manufacturers have to make a relatively cooler laptop.
  • Unlike desktop PCs, building a laptop from scratch is almost impossible. Even if you do it, the outcome will be drastically affected — loss of money and effort.
  • The power needed for a gaming laptop is directly proportional to its battery capacity. It’s why the pro gaming laptops have extra long-lasting batteries.
  • They have solid-state drives with more storage to help with your gaming passion.
  • The gaming laptops have max SSD storage for 1TB.
  • The pro gaming laptops come with gaming-oriented peripherals and accessories, like touchpads, keyboards.

What is the price of a Pro Gaming Laptop?

The pro-gaming laptops are expensive, as said earlier. Yet, if you want to assess your budget, they will be above $1500 or over $2000. But, having a pro gaming laptop is like living in a gamers’ Eden.

What are the Best Pro Gaming Laptops?

Having discussed the need for a pro gaming laptop, you must need expert advice about the best pro gaming laptops. Here are some professional gamers’ most favorite laptops.

1.               Power Spec 1530

Not much famous when it’s about the brand, but certainly the 1530 laptop by PowerSpec is groundbreaking. This laptop has an Intel Core i7-10875H CPU which makes it faster than its competitors. For the graphic card, again, the laptop has a win.

It has an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 Super 8GB.  The memory of the laptop is 32 GB, besides 1Tb SSD. Thus, with a blend of processor, memory, and graphic card, the laptop qualifies at the top.

For the visual experience, the laptop has a 15.6-inch screen.

Besides the core value, the laptop also has an RGB keyboard and connectivity ports. What else will a pro gamer love!

2.               Asus ROG Zephyrus M15

When you care about brand credibility and want a well-recognized pro gaming laptop, here is the option by Asus ROG Zephyrus M15. With a 15.6-inches 1080p 240Hz and lightweight, this portable, pro gaming laptop is one of the most famous laptops among professional gamers.

As compared to a POWERSPEC gaming laptop, it has a lower RAM of 16GB. But the SSD storage is 1TB. The graphic card has NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 Max-Q 8GB to ensure the best gaming experience for you.

It also has an RJ-45 port to let you connect devices during gaming. In short, the gaming laptop by Asus is matchless.

3.               CUK ROG Strix G15

We’ve got little to say about this pro gaming laptop. The reason is its popularity which itself convinces you what makes it another best gaming laptop.

It has up to 2TB SSD storage, 64 GB RAM, and RJ-45 ports. Thus, the gaming laptop is ideal for competitive gamers and animation, video editing experts. The anti-glare screen of this gaming laptop is also great to let you play for hours without any added pressure.

Final Thoughts

Pro gaming laptops are hard to replace with any cheap laptop that may require laptop repairs all the time. They’re the need of any pro gamers. Hence they’re unparalleled. So, you can look forward to having yours as soon as possible if you want to follow your passion for gaming.

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