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5 Software Solutions Every Business Must Adopt

5 Software Solutions Every Business Must Adopt

If your team is struggling to complete tasks on schedule and your business standards have slipped, you might be eager to hire new employees to meet demand and improve your reputation.

However, before you rush out and hire extra staff members, consider if technology could help you complete tasks with ease each day. While the solutions might require a big investment, they could be a much cheaper option than hiring one or more employees. Here are five software solutions every business must adopt in 2021.

  1. A Content Management System

Every technical writer and content developer will want to use a single-source publishing and content management system. Cutting-edge technical documentation software can prevent time-wasting in business, as it allows users to leverage multi-channel capabilities when creating training guides, knowledge bases, procedure manuals, policies, and more. Plus, it offers accessibility support to ensure documents are accessible for people with a visual or hearing impairment, such as Microsoft Windows Narrator and Job Access with Speech (JAWS).

  1. Time Tracking Software

If your staff members struggle to hit deadlines on schedule or tasks are left unticked, it might be time to invest in time tracking software. It can provide management with an in-depth understanding of how employees are using their time each working day. As a result, they could help staff members prioritize their to-do list and identify personnel gaps. Plus, it could help your business pinpoint where it is wasting time and money. For example, your team might be failing to prioritize a high-paying client’s needs.

  1. Communication Software

Poor communication, both externally and internally, can impact a company’s reputation, profitability, and growth. However, there are software solutions that can transform communication between colleagues, clients, and suppliers.

For example, the likes of Skype, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams can help teams communicate and collaborate with ease when outside the office. Plus, the software can help you with clients across various corners of the world.

  1. Accounting Software

Unless you have a qualified accountant on staff, you must invest in reputable accounting software. By doing so, you can monitor your company’s cash flow, expenses, tax filing, and more. In addition, it will allow you to maintain accurate books throughout the years, which may protect your business if the IRS audits it.

  1. Email Marketing Software

A reported 69% of businesses use email marketing to support their overall marketing strategy. As a subscriber has provided your brand with permission to send them emails, they are more likely to engage with your campaign, click through to your website, and buy a product.

There are many fantastic email marketing tools available that can help you design, send and manage high-quality email newsletters. Plus, you can use segmentation and A/B testing to increase engagement. Of course, you must aim to gather as many email subscribers as possible via your website to secure new and repeat custom.

If you want to maximize sales and productivity in 2021, the above software IT solutions could transform your operations.

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