Amazing Old Games With Low System Requirements You Can Play On Any Computer

PC gaming is often characterized by spectacular device or machine performance ranging from frame rates, tech specs, settings, and high resolutions. Most PC gamers obsess over these aspects.

According to Fortune Business Insights™, The global gaming market is projected to grow from $229.16 billion in 2021 to $545.98 billion in 2028 at a CAGR of 13.20% in forecast period, 2021-2028.

Those that do not own powerful gaming laptops or gaming PCs built with the excellent processors and graphic cards do not have to miss out on the fun. They need to download ISO games files and install them on their PC. Such machines will support games listed below;


The game is great for anyone who enjoys animation or looking for a “fairly tough Nintendo.” It features unique visual aesthetics, and sharp reflexes are needed to win due to its challenge. The game requires; Graphics: AMD HD 3870 512MB or GeForce 9600, RAM: 2GB, 20GB HDD space, AMD Athlon 64×2 6000+, and Intel Core Duo E8400.


The game is ideal for laptop gaming as you do not need a lot of accuracy with the cursor. It is one of those games where you can do whatever you want- recreating your country’s map or even going on large-scale battles with other players in the Minecraft. It requires; RAM: 4GB Intel HD 4000/ AMD’s Radek. R5 family, 180 1GB HDD space, 1024×728 display, A Core i3 3210 or A8-7600.

Stardew Valley

This is the game for anyone obsessed with agricultural joy. The Harvest Moon Series inspired The Stardew Valley but with a spin on the concept. The point of view and beautiful characters blend seamlessly. It will require; GPU: Any with at least 256MB of video memory, any CPU at 2GHz or more, RAM: 2GB, and Storage: 500MB.

Among Us

4- 10 players play against one another, whereby 1-3 are imposters, and the rest are crewmates. Crewmates complete several tasks and find out the imposters. The imposters sabotage the ship while pretending to be crewmates. When players argue over who the imposter is, an emergency meeting is called, and a vote is cast to eliminate someone. It will require; 250MB HDD space, Nvidia GeForce 510, and Intel P4 2GHz, and RAM: 1GB.

Disco Elysium

Disco Elysium is the game for anyone who fancies excellent problem-solving and detective skills. In the open-world RPG, the gamer has the freedom to do whatever they wish by being a detective- help people, take bribes, solve murders, manipulate people, and become a millionaire.

Requirements; 512MB graphics card, 2GB RAM, CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo, and 20GB of HDD space.


The game is versatile when it comes to where one can play as it is a lightweight PC game. It is both a video game and a card game whose inspiration is drawn from the World of Warcraft.

Requirements; RAM: 2GB, Intel HD 1000, CPU: Intel Core 2 Duos.

Don’t Starve

The player is stuck in a fantasy world, from which, to get out, you have to acquire supplies- wood for fire and plants and animals for meals for your survival and exploration.

Requirements; CPU: 2GH, GPU: Nvidia HD 4450, RAM: 1GB.

Half-Life 2

The game continues Gordon Freeman, a scientist’s story and is a lightweight alternative that can run even on the slowest computers as it is quite old. It requires; GPU: DX 8.1 compatible card, 512MB RAM, and CPU: 1.7GHz dual-core.

The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim

It is an extremely lightweight RPG game that is quite old. The game boasts of moods that you can use, including one that can cut down settings even for a low-end machine-Ultra Low Graphics Mod. It will only require; CPU: 2GHz dual-core, 2GB RAM, and DirectX 9 compatible video card GPU with 512MB RAM machine to play.

FTL: Faster Than Light

Perfect for casual laptop gaming, FTL requires the player to build their ship, recruit required crew members, and do the very best to remain existent while taking messages from the galaxy’s end to the other. It will require; CPU: 2GHz, GPU: Dedicated Video card with 128MB RAM, and RAM: 1GB.

Even the best laptop games are not as graphically demanding as best PC games but will still offer entertainment. You do not have to miss out on your favorite classic game since you feel your computer cannot support the game features. There are many computer service options for you.

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