Attention Big Box Stores: Don’t throw your customers’ out-of-warranty computers out just yet. – Best Buy, Geek Squad, Staples, PC Richards, Microcenter, Microsoft, Apple

Here’s the typical process: You as a big box store sell a computer or device to a customer. Great, you made the sale. If all goes well, the computer lasts beyond the warranty. Then, after the warranty, the customer’s computer breaks down. You as the big box store get an angry customer coming back to you. Although this interaction seems to be destined for failure, I want to inform you that you have options here.

Option 1: The typical scripted one. Out of warranty. Can’t help.

Sorry, your warranty is done. We can’t help you. It’s a shame your laptop doesn’t power on one day after your warranty ended. But, rules are rules. It says so here in my 450-page rule book.

Take-away: Customer may understand the rigid rules, but with no heart, your customer may be end of life here. Angry customers are not good for business. You can avoid this.

Option 2: The smarter approach. Find a way to get that computer back…and your customer.

What I’m proposing as a better option is to find a way to get the out-of-warranty computer back. There is still value. We’ve put this through the test with several big box stores already and have enabled them to almost double sales on each computer or device. What you want to do is offer a $50 or $100 credit towards another device that is working. In return, you keep the non-operational out-of-warranty computer. Then, the real benefit is when you resell the second-hand computer now as a refurbished computer.

That’s where we come in handy. At New York Computer Help, we have taken thousands of out-of-warranty computers and devices from big box stores across the U.S on a monthly basis to, in turn, repair and earn an extra revenue stream.

Here’s the best process for out-of-warranty computers and devices:

Step 1. Big Box store receives customer’s out-of-warranty computer or device. Either provided refund, credit towards new computer, or allowed free recycling to receive it back.

Step 2. Big Box store ships all out-of-warranty computers repairs and devices to New York Computer Help. If in NYC, messenger service may be arranged.

Step 3. New York Computer Help provides free full computer diagnostics on the bulk devices.

Step 4. Big Box store decides if it’s worth it to repair or not.

Step 5. Computers and devices, fixed and unfixed, go back to the Big Box store.

Step 6. Big Box store may resell refurbished devices in store or onsite for profits they would not have made before. Or the devices may be used for staff, new hires, or other team members.

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