5 Most Common Student Laptop Breakdowns

5 Most Common Student Laptop Breakdowns

Every day students write loads of paperwork, watch various images and videos, chat with their mates, parents, or colleagues, even play video games. For sure, laptops revolutionized the view and approach to the working process. They have become a multitool, a toy, a means of communication, and, what is more, altering the whole world! Quite a global nature for a single thing, right? Nevertheless, even the great ones have issues. Just imagine a situation, when a student writes his or her thesis, and then a blue screen of death emerges! What shocking news: the laptop has gone through a breakdown. There is a wide range of ways to prevent such events, but today we are going to pay attention to the exact identification of the problems. So, what are the most common failures in a student’s laptop functioning?

1. Operating system error

This matter is very “general” among others. It is related to the foregoing blue screen of death. Sometimes if the system is overloaded with plenty of data, it can fail to process them, and a bug occurs. Should you say “Goodbye” to your laptop in such an event? Apparently not, it is a provisional break-up with your system. What should be your further plan? It’s quite simple: refer to your local maintenance center with your laptop’s problem, and they will reboot the operative system. And don’t worry if they have to remove some parts from the device: maybe they will deem that cleaning them is necessary. 

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2. Deterioration of video card

If a student is an active PC gamer, the problem concerned is very typical for such ones. In fact, when we play some demanding video games and want an image to be very beautiful and eye-touching, we give rise to pressure to our graphics adapter, and then it fails to present all the details in a good manner. Furthermore, the screen can become completely dark, so you won’t even distinguish or see your apps and shortcuts at all. What is the solution to the problem? Try not to overload the video card with light colors and dynamic sceneries. Instead, turn on a dark theme, place on your desktop only cold-colored wallpapers, and cut the game time! You are, actually, a student, and you need to justify the reason for purchasing this device: “Mom, it is only for studying!”

3. Mechanical damages

Students permanently take their own laptops with them to classes, lectures, etc. However, it is not guaranteed that their digital copybooks won’t fall down accidentally, or some other attacks may be performed. Smashing the computer with the opinion that it will work better is the well-known damage made to a poor device. A piece of advice: don’t smash it, never. Moreover, don’t put it into your backpack without an additional means of protection: a cover or likewise. Smashes won’t definitely change something, except making the situation worse. It may be fixed in the maintenance center, but the quality will not be as primary. That is how paper assistance for a student becomes more relevant!

4. Unable to turn the computer on

A student may have mixed emotions when he or she finds that the typical algorithm “press the power button and enjoy working” doesn’t work. Panic, desperation, confusion, and a question: “what is wrong with it?” Damaged electric supply, or, in other words, deteriorated battery can be the reason for such problems. It is caused either by the permanent activity of the laptop, or constant discharge of the battery. It is very necessary to keep the device charged and turn it off when it isn’t used. You should also pay attention to the quality of the energy bloc. If it is of low quality, the computer won’t take long, and it won’t be an excellent example of a multitasking tool. Finally, do not be irrelevant to the adapter. Some pseudo-experts claim that irrespective of the adapter, the purpose is to recharge the laptop. However, quality and brand matter. Thus, use only the adapter given in the package.

5. Cooler error

Sometimes students like to make jokes on their computers, such as “It is so hot that I can even fry scrambled eggs!” Nevertheless, it is rather a serious problem for the device, because the cooling mechanism may be damaged or infringed in its functioning. It is caused by ignoring the necessity to perform routine maintenance. Moreover, the other parts are also affected by the overheating of the system. Finally, launching resource-intensive applications can be absolutely impossible. That is why checking and cleaning your laptop from time to time is surely required. Instead, you should always have a plan B, and give somebody a simple task to say further: wow, someone is writing essay for me!

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