How to Keep Your IT Staff on Track

Every good employer knows that keeping their staff happy, motivated and on the right track is vital for good workplace productivity. IT teams in particular are core to any organization due to the major impact technology is having on businesses for their future development. Therefore, employees must be given the correct support and scope for growth to retain the best talent within your company for the long-term. In the business world, there is a huge demand for IT professionals, therefore, keeping your staff happy and on track needs careful consideration to reduce employee turnover.  Take a look at how this can be achieved below:

Hold weekly meetings

Whether your IT staff are working in-house or remotely, holding weekly check-in meetings would be a good starting point for checking progress. You can take this opportunity to discuss projects in further detail, catching up on deadlines, as well as assisting with any difficulties or issues they may be facing. However, as IT is such a specialist field and requires specific skills, you need to ensure that you’re pushing your employees to work independently as opposed to taking the micromanagement approach.

Employee relationship management software

Both in-house and remote tech workers need a main digital workspace where they’re able to manage their own workload and hold discussions with their employer or co-workers – which is where employee relationship management software (ERM software solutions) would be a good call. This type of software includes a company dashboard, showing any news, updates and other information to keep everyone in the loop. It should also contain automated workflows in which reminders are sent for deadlines etc, and smart team planning calendars, so every single employee is aware of key dates within the company schedule.

Ensure a work/life balance

Generation ‘Z’ comprises those looking to achieve a greater work/life balance, which has become an even greater desire since the pandemic. It has been proven that if they are overworked or believe their work schedule is impacting their social life, it can lead to a lack of productivity, interest and motivation for their job role.

As opposed to the standard 9am-5pm weekly timetable, allow your IT team to have flexibility over their working hours. Summarize the tasks that need to be completed and any approaching deadlines, before taking a step back regarding how work is conducted. Employees work in different ways with diverse personal responsibilities, so giving them the freedom to work how and when they choose is sure to boost efficiency in the long term.

Use quantifiable metrics during feedback

Feedback is crucial for all employees regardless of their niche, but even more so when it comes to IT staff, as data is used to determine success rates of campaigns. Constructive criticism allows them to see where they performed well and which aspects need careful thought.

Solid specifics are needed to nail the source of the issue and prevent the same situation from happening again. By including quantifiable metrics, you’re giving a sense of perspective as to where changes need to be made and what worked well.


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