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Twitter SEO Tips for better ranking

Twitter is one of the biggest social media networks out there. It has over 340 million monthly active users and 185 million monetizable daily active users. This makes it very attractive for both users and businesses that want to take advantage of its large user-base. Twitter uses texts limited to 280 characters which can be combined with photos or videos. It is mostly popular for news, articles and customer service for several brands.

One of the most important aspects of Twitter is SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimisation which are big words for how users can make sure their content receives the most attention it possibly can while using the internet. The benefit of this is the more people come across your content, the likelier the chances that they will engage with it through comments, retweets and likes. If you are not taking advantage of Twitter to improve your ranking, you are missing out. You do not need to miss out much longer with these SEO tips for a better Twitter ranking.

Interact with other accounts

Twitter is not a one-man tech person game or somewhere you can survive as an island. Accounts working together is better than working by yourself. Sometimes, other accounts have access to users you cannot reach on your own and you may have some they may be interested in. It helps to work with those accounts by commenting, tagging, retweeting, and liking their content to allow it to appear more on the Twitter feed. This will eventually get you more followers, or if you want to speed up things you can always use some of the growth services available online, such as Twesocial. This is an essential part of your Twitter existence since engaging users is the point of all social media.

Another great way to get this done can be by engaging influencers within the niche you are targeting but you must provide some sort of benefit to them.

Utilize the title tag

Title tags help specify the web page title in the form of an HTML element. It comes up in search engine results as the headline that can be clicked to lead you to specific content. The purpose of a tag is to give visitors a clear idea of what they can expect after they click. It adds value to SEO, usability and social sharing. It is important to use the actual name of the user or page in order to promote it in ranking. It should also be short and catchy in order to entice people to click on it. In order to change it, you log in to your Twitter account, click “Settings” and then under “name”, change the tag. The Twitter tag formula: <Actual Name>(Username) on Twitter.

Using a GPS helps you get to your destination without getting lost along the way. Similarly, hashtags are a great guide for social media users to find the kind of content and users they would like to engage with. Hashtags bundle all this together and make engagement much easier. There are some popular hashtags in each niche whether it’s fashion, fitness or food. Depending on the niche, a user needs to do their research to figure out which hashtags are most applicable to the niche they want to target. Popular or trending hashtags may be based on challenges that went viral. Creating content for such a hashtag or reposting already created content can help gain a page some traction from jumping on an already popular hashtag. The more difficult route would be creating a branded hashtag specific to your brand around events, seminars, and competitions which can draw interested users to your page. These all go a long way toward improving your searchability on the internet.

Deliver content others care about

Content is the name of the game but not just any content, it has to be relevant to the users you are targeting. It is helpful to stay up to date with what is trending in the industry and what could be coming up in the future so that you can stay ahead of the competition. Along with that, it is important to keep consistent with the key responsibilities such as customer support.


SEO will propel the searchability of your page if you incorporate title tags, popular hashtags, interact with other accounts and share great content. These will draw more attention to your page, you will gain high quality followers that potentially, will become customers.

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