Do’s & Don’ts Of Employee Training Program

Conducting training for employees helps them to upskill their knowledge, increases their confidence, boosts their motivation, increases their problem-solving capability, makes them excel in their career, and makes them better leaders. Hence, it is not a mystery how important an employee training program is for your organization. It makes them successful in their career and eventually makes your company flourish.

But are you making sure that you are conducting the training in the right way and if it is effective and efficient? If not then now is the time to do this survey. below mentioned are few points that you should consider while creating any effective employee training program:


  • Set Clear Goals

Beating around the bush with no clear agenda and goals will only create confusion and you may miss making the important point. Stick to the topic and set the goals clearly and make sure you don’t use unnecessary and irrelevant information in your content. Always choose quality over quantity.

  • Creating Training For Everyone

Create and conduct training for every employee in your organization whether new recruits, HRs, managers, developers, testers, sales, or marketing employees. It is important for every employee to upskill their knowledge and do the best at their jobs. There should be relevant training conducted for every employee to make sure your company stays up-to-date with the current trends and technologies.

  • Track Progress & Take Feedback

Keep tracking the individual employee progress. This will help you to reward the employees who are doing excellent at their job and training sessions and help the ones who are lagging and need help. Also, don’t forget to collect the employee’s feedback at the end of the session. This will help you upgrade your training content to the next version.


  • Same Training To All

There is no use of the training if it is not applicable to the employee’s job role, just a waste of time for everyone. You should conduct training for every role and job type, and make your employees attend only their job-specific ones.

  • No Practical Knowledge

Theoretical knowledge doesn’t stay in the memory for a long time. Employees may understand the concept but forget more than half of it after leaving the room. Hence, it is very important to engage them in practicals. That will make them understand the concept better and stay in their minds for a very long time.

  • Training on Friday

Try to avoid setting up training on fridays. Employees look forward to the weekends and are too excited for it to concentrate on the training. In fact, most of the people take leaves on fridays. Even if you are taking any session, try to make it chill and happening and light, rather than the usual topics.


Creating an employee training program that is tech support ready is not easy. You have to create and organize training for all the roles you have and one which should be effective and efficient. But with the right software, you can create and conduct employee training like a pro. One such example of excellent training software is Acendre. You can easily deploy, manage, and track employee training and their progress with the help of its amazing dashboard. Let us know in the comment section about your feedback on how helpful our tips were to your organization.

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