How To Clean Your Laptop The Right Way

If there is one problem that almost every Mac or PC user experiences, it’s a dirty laptop. This happens a lot especially when you’ve sent a long time working and have neglected to clean your device in the process. In fact, if you have a tendency to connect multiple devices to your laptop using a usb c port hub for example, then the risk of dirt piling up on your cluttered workstation is even higher.

The first thing you need to do is to make sure that you have all the necessary cleaning supplies ready. You need a cleaning cloth but make sure that it is a proper microfiber one and not just a basic cloth or rag that can leave smudges or catches on your Mac’s computer screen. You also need to purchase a can of pressurised air, which helps in removing debris from places that you can’t reach properly like underneath your keyboard. You will also need to put aside some cleaning solutions.

In this respect, we recommend that you use water, mixed with dish soap detergent and even vinegar, if possible. This will help remove any sticky substances that you may have on your Mac’s keyboard, for example. Alternatively, you can also choose to use a solution of isopropyl alcohol to help disinfect the keyboard. The benefit of using it is that it dries quickly, which prevents the risk of water seeping in between the keys and frying your motherboard.

Once you have all the necessary tools and equipment ready, make sure that you unplug your device from any external accessories as well. This means disconnecting your laptop from any external peripherals or routers that you may have been plugged into using an ethernet lan adapter, for instance.

#1. Remove Debris

The first step you need to take is to remove any dust, particles, food or har that may be lodged up under your keys, screen edges, connection ports, vents, etc. This is the most logical thing to do first because you do not want to clean the surface area only for it to scatter and end up dislodged back into your laptops open spaces. You can start by cleaning out the keyboard and spraying the canned air in between the keys. You will have to do it from different angles for maximum efficiency, so make sure to be thorough about it, as some dirt or grime may be stubborn to come off. However, take care not to go overboard or be aggressive with it. You could accidentally end up damaging your keyboard if you pry too hard under the keys with canned air. You can also make sure that you make a few sprays in the ports and vents too, as those tend to collect dust quite often.

You should also consider using a usb hub and leaving it connected to your laptop  for most of the time. This will ensure there is less risk of dust building up through the port and the risk of damaging your port will also be less likely. In this respect, you can check out some of the cordless hubs being manufactured by Lention. They make the best usb c hub for macbook pro, so you are bound to find something that suits your preferences best.

The next step is to disinfect the surface of your keyboard. It’s no secret that this can often be the most dirty part of your laptop or computer. This is where the microfiber will prove to be very useful, as you need to  apply some cleaning solution to it, but do make sure that you don’t put too much that liquid starts leaking and seeping into your Mac. This also applies when you are cleaning any other tech accessories that you may be using on your workstation as well. For example, if you tend to transfer multiple files from your computer to other external devices using a type c card reader, then take care not to splash water on it, as it could end up resulting in damage.

Once your done with this, the next step is to clean other surfaces like your Mac’s screen, for example. The first thing you need to know is that you should ever attempt to apply cleaner or water directly to the screen. It is also crucial that you support the laptop lid while wiping the screen. You should apply the water and cleaning solution to the cleaning cloth first, make sure that it isn’t too wet and then start wiping. Make sure that you use a small amount of cleaning solution on the cloth and wipe the screen gently from top to bottom with circular motions to efficiently remove any dust or sticky grime.

You can then close the lid of your Mac and start working on the underside. Much like the keyboard, avoid rubbing too hard. You could accidentally end up scratching your Macbook screen or worse, crack it by accident. If the stains appear to be tough to come off, you can try applying some soap to the area, let it dry and then gently scrub the stain off.

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