How online notepad can help the content writers l Top online tools

How online notepad can help the content writers

After the writer is done with putting all of the ideas on paper come to the editing part.

Editing is a process that makes sure that certain content, speech, or blog is ready to be delivered to the public. It’s the final touch-ups actually.

Editing helps in the correction of a lot of mistakes such as

  • Grammatical
  • Word count
  • Sentence structure
  • Tone of writing
  • Clarification of meaning
  • Spelling mistakes

Editing is helpful in many ways. It gives you a chance to recheck your work and if you have done any mistakes while writing your content you can correct them before uploading online.

Editing is a very useful and creative part of the whole process as it helps the content to be recognized among the audience and gets you the due credit you deserve for all the hard work.

You have to make sure if you are editing other writer’s work that you don’t deviate from core principles that the original writer followed and do not make any change in its meaningfulness that will totally ruin the content.

There are many text editors online that can help you in the editing process and make it as effective and as efficient as possible.  In our description below we will share some great text editors for you that will help you with different types of editing.

Editing has many types depending on the type of work you are doing

Developmental editing

This is the earliest part of the editing process where the editor checks the overall message that is being sent to the audience that whether it aligns with the basic requirements given to the writer or deviates from it.

If both are in perfect sync then editors work is easy and the content gets the green signal to be published if not editor must make necessary changes to align things and that way some content gets clear for publication

Online editors like summarizing tool.net and summarizer.org are great for Developmental editing of your content. They help align the meaningfulness of your content and get them ready for the world to use

Structural editing

Structural editing concerns the foundation of the content. If the content is organized to properly convey the message to the listener or reader.

The sentences that form the content should have an order so that the user can properly understand and then use them. If the structure of the content is abrupt the meaningfulness can be lost and the user will not be able to get benefit from it.

Summarizer.org is a great site to add to your tech support toolkit as it makes sure that the order of the content stays in a way that makes people understands the concept as well as gets benefit from this content

Data editing

In order to get the best results from the content, editors must make sure that the data that’s being presented is accurate and inline with the message the author is supposed to put through. 

If the data provided counteracts the meaningfulness editor must make sure that it gets corrected.

Summarizing tool.net as the editor points out any issues in data that can become a hurdle in conveying proper meaning to the audience. It can edit the issue and help in creating proper content to be published.

Content editing

The editor must make sure that the content has no grammatical mistakes. Spellings are properly checked and punctuation must be flawless. 

The author’s while creating content sometimes makes mistakes that affect the quality of the content.  If some word spellings are wrong and that word means something entirely different then it can totally transform the sentence into another meaning that would make the wrong impression.

In order to correct such mistakes, Summarizer.org is really helpful and user-friendly. It assures that all the content is written following the Grammatical rules. Commas and full stops are very necessary so that reader can know how one line ends and the other starts.

Summarizer.org works like content is properly written by a professional writer. Readability is also checked that all the sentences are in such a way that the content makes an overall sense.

Articles that do not make sense are the ones that people ignore. While this editor can improve Readability and makes it easy for users.

Fact’s assurance

Editors must make sure that whatever facts and figures are included in the content are checked properly for accuracy. Any facts that are part of the paper you have written becomes your responsibility and the quality of the paper deteriorates if facts are wrong or self-made.

The credibility of your writing content stays strong when such precautions are taken and readers are more inclined toward your work.


It’s the final stage just before the content is given into the public eye. It’s the last stage to make any grammar checks, formatting checks, and overall layout is approved for publication.

Some top Notepad available online

1.   Editpad.org

Editpad is a great online notepad that is very easy to use.

Just open the editor and start writing all the important notes and save them for later use.

You can also upload files from your computer and edit them as per requirement. Google Drive and one drive also supportEditpad.org.

Editpad allows you to check any grammatical mistakes in your document. It points out any plagiarism issues present in the final content.

You can check words counts as well as character counts in your document with the correction of any spelling mistakes.

It improves the meaningfulness and structure of the written material by suggesting better alternatives

It’s easy to use with no installation or registration requirements. You can convert any format in the document into simple text that is easy to use for further editing. 

You can download the final document and use it as per future needs

2.   Hemingway text editor

It is a complete editor that helps you with the complete editing of the document.  You can remove formatting and insert tables.

  • Complete checking of Plagiarism is available in this editor.
  • Grammatical mistakes are corrected in it.
  • You can paraphrase your document and give it an entirely new look.
  • Final edits can be saved as pdf and doc as per your requirements.

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