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Great Ways to Level Up Your Web Application Security

Spending countless hours sweltering under the pressure of developing the perfect web application, just to have your efforts dashed by a dodgy cybercriminal or IT expert is less than ideal. 

Great web apps are designed to defend against the more nefarious internet users however, so there is no need to start panicking. There are ways you can keep your hard work safe while putting your customers’ minds at ease. 

Two-Step Authentication

Adding an additional layer of password security is a good way to protect your web application at the point of interaction between the system and your user. 

This is incredibly beneficial in general, but for businesses needing to work with highly sensitive data across their web apps, it might be essential. 

You may want to take a look at some great next.js authentication services for a prime example of what to expect from some great user management solutions. 

Identify and Remove Redundant Features

If many of your application’s features are not being utilized, or they are outdated and possess some old code that does little but slow down the whole operation, it is probably worth seeking out and promptly removing them.

This might also pertain to the applications themselves. For example, bigger companies may have a wealth of underutilized, outdated apps lying around, serving as potential breaching points for cybercriminals. 

Making sure that your network is well and truly updated and well-maintained is a good way to stay ahead of the game. 

Support Your Users

Forgetting a password is, at the very least, annoying. At the other end of the scale however, it can be extremely devastating, particularly if terrible passwords get chosen in the first place. 

Offering your users a dashboard that shows them a full rundown of their account details can be a good way to put agency in their hands, especially if you give them the option to select their own login methods in the future. 

For example, perhaps they want to supply their phone number for extra authentication or an extra email address for backup purposes. A dashboard that shows them their choices is a good way to help keep them from having login problems, allowing them to engage with your app without a hitch. 

Supporting your users can also pertain to your advice-giving ability. Whether this is in the form of a dedicated customer support team, or an instant messaging option on your website or maybe even the app itself—offering a helping hand when someone needs it might help to reduce the risk of human error leading to a data breach.

Consult the Experts

Even if you are already a dab hand at cybersecurity and possess a highly diverse, web-savvy skill set, outside input tends to be helpful on occasion. 

If you are even the least bit unaware of how to secure a certain aspect of your web app, consulting an expert should be on the cards, as this can help you ensure you have every last detail thoroughly protected. 

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