How to use TikTok for business to grow its presence


TikTok has been on a rapid upward course as its use has increased in the midst of the COVID-19 epidemic and the subsequent quarantine rules worldwide. The TikTok app began strongly in January with the title of the world’s most downloaded app and its rise continued as the year progressed.

In Q1 2020, Wallaroo Media reported that TikTok saw a 15 percent rise in downloads – a total of 315 million downloads over the three months. The average time spent on the app is 52 minutes a day.

Client and content produced by influencers have been a cornerstone of brand marketing policies in recent years, and TikTok has rapidly become an important means of encouraging your followers to create genuine material around your brand.

A lot of this creative boost is fostered by tools like InVideo that have made it possible for brands and businesses of any size to craft engaging content. However, you need to have a well-defined strategy in place if you want your business to make a mark on the platform. So, here are some tips for you to establish your presence on TikTok.

X Tips to Use TikTok to Grow Business Presence

1. Start with a TikTok Promotional Strategy Roadmap

The first steps towards the success of your audience, brand strategy, and objectives at TikTok are the effective implementation of the app in your marketing funnel.

If you spend almost an hour every day with the app, your brand has a great chance to reach its public – just make sure that its audience fits your brand and the individuals you want to target.

Most TikTok users are 13 to 30 years old. If you’re seeking this audience, you need a presence there. For many businesses, you will have to determine what your pay-off method would be compared to your organic approach when you start out what your TikTok strategy should be.

Authentic, unedited, and organic (unpaid) content are regarded as the platform’s finest material. So although it’s not essential to polish the material you post on your page, you may still opt to start your TikTok presence with a sponsored campaign to raise visibility.

2. Leverage the Power of TikTok Challenges

Hashtags are the greatest method to cultivate an organic following and are perhaps one of the strongest TikTok brand marketing techniques. Using the appropriate hashtags, the correct audience may see your films.

It’s easy to find relevant terms. All you need to do is enter a wide term into the TikTok search box. Once you do this, TikTok will recommend all relevant hashtags for what you entered.

The recommended practice is to add a minimum of 3-4 hashtags in your sub-title. In addition, take part in hashtag challenges. The difficulties of Hashtag include how TikTok is spreading trends.

It may be difficult to create and get people involved in the hashtag challenge of your business. However, you may always search for your business-related hashtag challenges and participate in producing the video challenge.

3. Tap into User Generated Content

You may also tap into the content of your consumers while producing your own films and bringing your brand exposure to TikTok. Hashtags are coming in here again.

Create a hashtag for your company and encourage your consumers to use it every time they post anything about your goods in TikTok. You could also conduct a sponsored hashtag challenge.

In this manner, prospects discover the greatest marketing vehicle from your company: word of the mouth. For example, a forward look at TikTok video in which a user wears his designer dress; will want to follow the hashtag of your company to discover more about the dresses.

4. Optimize your Content Regularly

Like any other marketing channel, you need to establish and continuously refine your objectives. If your objective is to increase your brand recognition, you’ll want to keep an eye on your number of video views and evaluate the kinds of material that most people see.

Similarly, if you’re looking for interaction, you should monitor which videos are most popular and which clicks – especially if you run advertisements.

If conversions are your ultimate objective, it is essential to establish your budgets and goals in advance and to continuously evaluate what kinds of content are in common with your TikTok public.

What receives an answer from TikTok audiences may be quite different from the material that you are familiar with on Instagram or in Snapchat stories. Being flexible with your approach when you start and constantly refine what works will be vital for your success on the platform.

Partner with other producers who publish material related to your business area. This may assist you to increase your follow-up. Ideally, you want to discover artists with similar interests and plenty of followers, who are your target demographic too.

By Googling TikTok for subjects related to your company, you may discover creators. This helps you to locate the creators concerned. Before contacting the creators, make sure that you study them well enough.

By giving them a nice note, you may reach creators. Bear in mind that many renowned artists will only work with your brand if you have numerous supporters too. Make sure that you follow TikTok properly before utilizing this technique.

6. Emphasize on Generating Organic Following

There’s no better way to use your organic brand evangelists than via social media. TikTok has become a whole new way to expand your reach to these people and to engage them and actively participate in your business.

For some time now, we have emphasized the significance of organic influencers. With the increased involvement of TikTok, you must use these everyday content producers more than ever to help you convey the narrative of your business.

You may ask that they engage in your own trend or the sponsored challenge to assist people to learn the kind of content that your business wants.


TikTok is a fantastic method to find new possibilities for your business. TikTok users are very active, enjoy content sharing, and open TikTok many times a day.

Businesses may express their creative side, add humor, and select music that connects with their target audience. Note, this platform is for pleasure and creativity, not serious sales of high pressures through IT service tactics.

TikTok helps you advertise, presents your business to the appropriate people, offers suggestions for interaction, and increases the number of followers.

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