How to Grow Your TikTok Soon

TikTok is biggest UGC platform now, based on this nature, on TikTok, users can actually share their content with their follower without having to pay into the system. TikTok’s algorithm considers metrics like re-watch rates, engagement rate and sharing rates in determining if a video is worth “going viral.” Without any intention to make you pay for advertisements, if your content is good enough, people are going to see it.

So, here are five ways you can grow your TikTok in a certain short time with no nyc tech expert required.

Post As Many As You Can (+5)

As a UGC platform, TikTok welcomes creators that blast out content. In fact, you are rewarded for posting multiple times per day.  As well as have a try to going live. When going live, TikTok will distribute to you into new feed, it delivers new followers to your account and interact with your content. Don’t worry about the multiple videos will lead to compete with each other, as we explained before in TikTok algorithm, it doesn’t compete with each other at all. You can blast out five or even more per day and have all go viral in a different segment. It’s triple the opportunity to grow a following. If you want the massive following, you can take the service from companies like Media Mister.

Be Loyalty to Your Content Niche

Make sure you have specific niche, and stick to a niche TikTok gives your account a “chance” to go viral every so often. If your video performs horribly, it won’t give you a chance for a little bit. Therefore, the algorithm will come to associate your account with the hashtags you use on all of your videos. Hashtags on TikTok are used to categorize your content. So, your top five hashtags you use on all of your videos should describe every video you ever post. If your video content deviated from content, perhaps will be punished on views.

Dance/Sing/Be Funny

You maybe think TikTok content mostly is about dancing, singing and funny, even if that, try to make some dance, because human nature loves dance and music. Even you cannot act like charlidamelio, still have a try on it, put off dancing in my marketing videos for a few weeks, and when I finally tried it, maybe your engagement rates will rise up. However, TikTok always need test.

Be the First to Comment on Your TikTok

Make a comment by yourself after posting the video, it will help your followers understand well about your content, and boost the interaction between you and followers. Try to answer every single commenter as well – it could create a conversation that other people want to contribute to and share with their friends.

Create Content for Re-Watches

To be viral, there is an important measurement, re-watch. If people watches a multiple time before they scroll past it, TikTok is going to reward the video. Principle still based on the TikTok algorithm, TikTok is to keep you inside the app. If they think your content is going to keep other people inside their app longer, TikTok is going to blast it out. In order to create content that gets people to re-watch it, we have some suggestions

  1. Try to create some crazy, shocking, unique content but still stick to your niche.
  1. Pack a ton of information into a quick video that requires the viewer to watch it again.
  2. Try to tell a story like we did to children.
  3. Try to organize a game that make people to re-watch.

We hope the above ways will really help you make grow your TikTok, if any question leave your comment!

Overall, at New York Computer Help, we believe these ways are legit, white-hat ways to increase your TikTok account. It’s not an overnight process, but having genuine content is the way to go. This may be in the way of story-telling, info-provoking content, or simply a topic of your interest. This genuine content sharing way will certainly come across in a positive light and help you grow.

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