Cyber Security Protection – It’s the New Anti-virus Software You Need to Get

I remember the days of Norton Anti-virus. You needed it. Without it, it was a matter of time before you got infected with a virus. PCs were vulnerable by nature. So, a virus could have come on your system by just not having a log-in password. As simple as that. Then, our world evolved to then needing security updates to be installed to make the Windows operating system less vulnerable. Essentially, we knew using a computer was necessary and as computer users, we had to essentially take manual steps to protect our computers. Kind of sad that this wasn’t already rolled out within the computer, but those were the good ol’ days.

Let’s fast forward to today. Nowadays, all devices are free game in the wild wild west of the Internet. The internet is still laissez-faire by the government, meaning if you’re hacked or get a virus infection, the perp is really not put on the stand or fined. Yes, Mac and PC operating systems have beefed up its security within its systems. But, it’s still easier than ever for hackers to take control of computers. It’s sad how easy it is.

Here are a few ways you can get hacked:

  • Phishing attempt – An email link that claims you need to remove a virus which in turn actually infects you.
  • Phone scam – This is Microsoft. You need to let us remote into your computer. Sound suspicious?
  • Software not updated – A simple outdated software application could be left vulnerable to be attacked.
  • Misspelled website – A simple mistyped site can redirect you to bad sites with viruses.
  • Malicious attachment – Yup, just launching a file attachment could spell trouble.

Sadly, anti-virus, alone will not protect you from all these virus predators and threats. There are tons of ways an infection may get you, via your IP address, email, and lack of firewalls and network security. The new way of protecting your computer is no longer just with an anti-virus software. You need a full cyber security package to ensure you are safe. After all, you don’t want to expose your files and bank info to the world. So, the best thing you can do is set yourself up with a proactive cyber security protection solution. This will encompass a more advanced antivirus software along with a firewall, threat detection, auto-software updater, and overall protection package.

On our end, it’s taken us just over 20 years to perfect a truly proactive cyber protection solution. We’re really thrilled to be able to offer this. So far, our customers are super happy and have been able to sleep well at night knowing they’re safe.

To learn more on how you can modernize your computer cyber security protection, just click below on the image. You can even sign up if there’s still enough spots available.

cyber security protection

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