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How to Climb Google’s Search Results in Winter 2021

When you look at your business’ web traffic data, you’ll be able to see how different web users arrive at your website. Many will come from Google: the largest and most-used search engine in the world. And it’s from here that you’ll generate a good portion of your business because those that find their way to your website via Google have searched for a business just like yours. The trick to boosting your business online, then, is to climb Google’s search results pages so that you get more clicks from consumers – here’s how you’ll do just that this winter.

SEO Strategies

When we’re talking about getting your website ranked higher on Google, we’re interested in what’s called SEO, or search engine optimization. Via this set of methods, you’ll be able to show Google’s algorithms that your business is trustworthy and appropriate for web users who are searching for your products or services. But, of course, your competitors want to show that too. Simple SEO strategies include:

  • Making sure your website is well-made and easy for Google’s crawlers to access and assess.
  • Checking that your website contains no broken links or empty pages that’ll count against you.
  • Using keywords about your business on each of your pages.
  • Ensuring that you keep abreast of new SEO trends so that you’re not outflanked by a competitor.

All of these options can be researched online, though a brief SEO course could also help you learn the basics of boosting your position on Google’s search results pages.

Importance of Links

One of the main methods by which Google measures your website is via the hyperlinks that are present on it. If you have links to reputable and trusted sites, Google will see you as a reputable and trustworthy business. Furthermore, if other websites that are highly ranked by Google link to your website, you’ll find that you stand a better chance of being ranked higher by Google’s bots.

This second type of link is particularly hard to generate, seeing as you need other websites to see value in linking to your website. But “link-building”, as it’s called, is something that other firms can help you with. Check out https://linkflow.ai/, for instance, to find ways to build this all-important aspect of your SEO strategy.


No SEO strategy is complete without a way in which you can measure your success rate. You can do this manually by selecting a handful of keywords and typing them into Google to see where your website ranks. Over time, you’ll hope to see your site climbing these search results – a sure sign that your strategies are working.

But you can also do this monitoring using software or by outsourcing to other firms that are experts in boosting SEO. In this case, you’ll have more granular data on what strategies have worked for you and which you should build upon. Monitoring ultimately helps you trial-and-error ways in which to boost your SEO positioning in the future.

Get more clicks and sales online by following the simple SEO tips outlined above, designed to get your pages ranked higher by Google’s algorithms. It’s the best tech support way here.

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