Can I Find Out Who A Phone Number Belongs To?

The short answer is yes. The process of finding the registered owner of a phone number is called a reverse phone lookup. Without mincing words, a reverse phone lookup is like searching a dictionary—but using phone numbers instead of words.

Suppose you were looking for the meaning of a word. You would consult a dictionary. Likewise, if you need to find out who a phone number belongs to, you would need to visit a reverse phone lookup site. These sites maintain phone number databases that contain the numbers of registered owners in the United States.

10 Phone Number Lookup Sites To Find Who Owns A Phone Number

Indeed, there are several of these phone number databases, like there are several dictionary publishers. As you know, dictionaries vary in size and word list. In the same way, phone number databases vary in the volume of phone numbers available in a public search. Thus, while you may have a favorite phone number lookup tech support site that meets all your needs, you may need to check other databases for extra features.

This list comprises the ten (10) best sites you can use to find out who owns a phone number. Most of the websites listed here let you look up phone numbers completely free. However, some databases let you obtain additional information—besides the registered owner’s name—if you subscribe to the service.

  1. Google (Free)

The plain old way is just to enter the phone number into Google’s search bar and wait to see what comes out. Google is free to use, but there is no guarantee that you will find a relevant search result. The search engine is great for finding general information but it comes short when it comes to reverse phone lookups.

  1. Facebook (Free)

Every month, nearly 3 billion people actively use Facebook. Considering that the world’s population is some 8 billion people, that number is huge! But this also makes Facebook a good place to begin your phone number search. After all, the site once required people to register accounts with phone numbers before allowing email signups.

Odds are, the phone number owner is on Facebook and one of those early users. However, there is no denying that performing a phone number search on Facebook is like searching for a needle in a haystack. You are better off using a dedicated reverse phone lookup website with a comprehensive phone numbers database.

  1. PhoneNumbers.org (Free)

PhoneNumbers.org tops this list because it is completely free and helps you find the information you need quickly — the name of the registered owner of a phone number. A reverse phone search will list the individuals and businesses that have used that number as far back as the mid-2000s. Not only that but also, you will see everywhere they have lived while using that number. PhoneNumbers.org also provides access to other publicly available records about the individual on-demand.

  1. CocoFinder (Free)

CocoFinder displays the message in big, bold letters—free reverse phone lookup. When you enter the unknown phone number, the search engine will provide the name of the person who currently owns the phone number. If the person has alternate phone numbers, you will see those too.

  1. SpyDialer (Free)

SpyDailer is a free reverse phone lookup site. A phone number search on this website will help you find the name of the registered owner. You will also get the owner’s general location, i.e., county or city, but that’s information you can get by looking at the national area code map. If you want additional information, you would need to use third-party services.

  1. WhitePages (Free)

Finding out who a phone number belongs to on WhitePages is fast. While you will get the registered owner’s name and their complete address for free, obtaining additional information will cost you. 

  1. SpyTox (Free)

A phone number search on SpyTox is free but comparatively slower than other free websites. Also, the search scope is limited. You get to find the name of the registered owner of a phone number, their current address, and address history. However, if you want additional information about the person of interest, you must pay to access the report.

  1. National Cellular Directory (Freemium)

A phone number search on the National Cellular Directory is not free. However, every day, and for an hour, the website allows users who have an account to perform two reverse phone lookups for free. The result is just as comprehensive as a paid report. So, you might just as well register an account and wait for the site’s happy hour. A report includes the phone number owner’s name, their full address, address history, criminal records, and social account details.

  1. PeopleFinders (Paid)

PeopleFinders cuts right to the chase — you can only know the name of the registered owner of a phone number if you pay a fee. This forthrightness is much appreciated, as many sites would rather take you through several pages, building up your enthusiasm, before dropping a price. Despite the price tag attached to its reverse phone lookup, PeopleFinders comes highly lauded for its efficient service.

  1. TruthFinder (Paid)

TruthFinder comes highly appraised by users. A phone number search on this website will provide the registered owner’s name, address, and publicly available records. However, the search is excruciatingly slow. It takes several prompts to process the search, and each time TruthFinder tells you that your report is ready, only to take you through yet another page. Despite this glacial pace of its reverse phone lookup, there is no denying the accuracy of a phone number search on TruthFinder, albeit paid.

The Bottom-line

Finding out who a phone number belongs to is easy, and you have several options. You may use everyday search engines like Google or take the search to social media. However, neither of these sources are specialized or optimized for phone number searches. The better option is to use dedicated phone number databases. Most of these databases require you to create an account and subscribe to their service. There are, however, several reputable sites that let you perform a free reverse phone lookup.


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