Should I upgrade to Windows 11?

Windows 11 is out. Yes, it’s a big thing in the security community. It now means you won’t get hacked as much. It also means that computer viruses will be kept at bay better. But, is this security really enough to make you go for it? And can your current computer even handle it?

TPM version 2.0 is all the craze here.

This means that you’ll need this Trusted Platform Module at version 2.0 to be enabled in order for Windows 11 to run. This is the bread and butter in making sure rootkits that attempt to infect your Windows operating system is no longer a threat. In order to enable this, your computer usually has to be from 2017 or above. In the BIOS, you’ll need to look for UEFI or Secure Boot capable and enable these items.

What if you don’t have TPM 2.0?

You’re pretty much out of luck. Can you buy a new motherboard? Yeah, I guess, but it’s really not worth it to retrofit your RAM, board, and processor around a Windows upgrade. It’s too much hassle. Just buy a new computer. It’s time!

If you have TPM 2.0, go for the Windows 11 upgrade

Why not?! If your system is capable, go for it. Just make sure you have at least 4GB of RAM, 64GB of storage available, and a 1GHZ 64-bit processor. Alright, so the rest of the minimum specs are from 10 years ago and no-brainers.

How do you get Windows 11? Is it free?

As of now, it’s free for Windows 10 computers. It is usually a limited free upgrade so act fast and get it if your computer is up to snuff.

Any bugs?

We’ve seen compatibility issues with UI elements and drawing issues in apps using GDI+ and Snipping Tool problems. As always, legacy or order printers may not work with Windows 11. Lastly, some apps used by AMD Ryzen processors have shown a drop in performance.

Windows 11 Take-away

Upgrade to Windows 11 it if you have the TPM 2.0 present on your BIOS. If not, don’t fall for these sites that show how to work around it with special software or devices. They don’t work!

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