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Top 5 Benefits Of Updating Ethernet Cable

Top 5 Benefits Of Updating Ethernet Cable

Ethernet cables are part of every cabling process for any network, home, or business IT network setup. These cables are used to connect PCs, network switches, and routers within a local area network. However, they are not the same, and different cables impact your network activity differently.

Ethernet cables are standardized as Categories 5, 5e, 6, 7, and so on, typically shortened as Cat-5, Cat-5e, etc. Higher numbers indicate newer standards, but all ethernet cables have similar connect types. Ethernet cables have varying speeds, and they are limited by length and durability. That is why updating cables is a good step to take once in a while. We highlight benefits you may get from updating your ethernet cable below.

1. To Future Proof your Network

For those with business networks, it is likely that their data doubles very often. Upgrading or updating the ethernet cable is a measure to prevent the need to carry out multiple and unnecessary updates each time you purchase new equipment. Upgraded equipment needs new cables and organizing cords is never easy. At some point, you may need to upgrade the switches. New switches will need updated ethernet cables. Choosing to upgrade early enough will save you time and money trouble.

2. Faster Local Network Speeds for Faster Data Transfer

For a typical home network, internet connection is the bottleneck, and this may not be a big deal. Say the ISP download speed is 90 Mbps. Getting different ethernet cables will not change the internet speeds. You will still get the same speeds. However, you can get a faster local network with an updated Cat 7 ethernet cable. Fast LAN speeds will help you transfer data across devices on your network faster. This will include streaming games and local video from one PC to another or performing a backup.

3. For Better Shielding

This is essential if you run your ethernet cable alongside other cables or in areas with a lot of electromagnetic interference. Newer cables can have extra or enhanced shielding and are ideal for data integrity protection. For example, you can get cables whose internal wiring has added foil wrappings around for additional protection against noise and cross talk. Cross talk results in lower bandwidth. Updated cables are better suited to support higher bandwidth. Newer cables will also have internal wires of a higher grade with better insulation.

4. It Gives More Network Freedom

Updated cables can come in handy if you wish to or mainly run cables over long distances. This is especially perfect when creating an extensive wired network. They will help if you need to run cables to different spaces in your home, buildings, or over exterior walls.  If you are running the cables outside, remember to opt for cables with more durable cables, such as those with a protective coating or weatherproof.

5. To Satisfy Personal Reasons

Those that care about convenience and aesthetics can update from round to flat cables. The latter use small-sized gauge wires and are better suited to run along walls, through tight spaces, or under carpets. With that, you will not have unsightly bulges or noticeable lumps. However, it is crucial to know that flat cables are less durable and less sustainable with higher maintenance costs. They lack a protective filler around them. Therefore, choose based on your most demanding needs.

For those who suffer from EMF sensitivity, getting an updated ethernet cable can help them get rid of a wireless router. Such people will not really need Wi-Fi. Having the right equipment will allow for the setting up of ethernet cables to reduce EMF radiation.

Final Thoughts

Splurging and getting newer or updated ethernet cables may not always be necessary for anyone with a network connection, but it is worth it. For one, ethernet cables that are not of the current specification may not support current speeds for very modern networks. With updated ethernet cables, you can also speed data transfer and attain better shielding. They are also best if you upgrade your hardware and offer you more freedom for network connections.

The update may come at a little extra cost, but it will save you reliable resources. Different people have different network preferences and needs. Therefore, always ask yourself the best questions when updating your ethernet cable.

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