How to make money accepting jobs on freelance notice boards

Whether you are looking for some additional income or you are trying to sustain yourself as a freelancer, trying to find jobs at short notice is not easy.

Regardless of the sector you operate in whether computer repair or something else, there will be thousands of other skilled workers just like you, all vying for a limited number of opportunities available through online notice boards. The results can be disheartening because unless you jump on a job early and quote a competitive price, you are unlikely to land the job.

This being said, it is not impossible, and you can certainly make a lot of money through these notice boards, not least because it gives you the chance to network with potentially long-term clients.

Indeed, one of the best aspects of these notice boards is that you can use them to gain experience with no strings attached, which is not often said of freelance work. 

This is how to make money accepting jobs on freelance notice boards:

Make good use of the capital you already have

Many people try to take on any job they can find on notice boards as a way of generating extra income. While this is understandable, it is neither helpful for you nor the customer, who deserves a high-quality service. 

Instead, if you want to make money through online notice boards, you need to make use of the capital you already have. For example, if you are a truck driver, then you could earn money accepting haulage jobs. 

In fact, using a load board will help you control your own workload, which means you can fit it around your existing plans. 

Build a customer base through your initial orders

Making money off a single job is great, but it is hardly the bigger picture. You can generate income far more consistently if you build a customer base through your initial orders, thus increasing the chance of repeat orders. 

In order to develop long-term relationships with customers, you should firstly ensure that you deliver a high-quality product or service. You can then nudge them in the direction of your other services, or your website. This will encourage them to keep you in the forefront of their minds when it comes to work in the future. 

Use the notice board clients as practice

You can further gain value (and, eventually, money) out of these freelance job notice boards by using them as opportunities to gain experience

If you have never offered your services before, then you may find it difficult to find any customers willing to trust you, or regard your offering as valuable when there are more experienced specialists available. 

However, notice board customers are usually more forgiving of inexperienced freelancers compared to large businesses, so it is a great opportunity to fill your data banks and build your resume. 

This is especially pertinent if you are thinking of going full-time with your service in the future – whether alone or with an existing business. Having a few jobs under your belt will ensure you stick out when you apply for jobs in the future. 

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