7 Ways To Resolve Internet Issues On Your Desktop: By IT Experts

Are you having internet issues again?

It could be a royal pain, we know!

Were you watching a movie in Pirate Bay? Or, simply trying to download a large file, or was it your important presentation which you just got disconnected from because your internet is suddenly acting out.

Well, experts say that panicking is not the best option! The reason why your internet is acting up could be as simple as an overloaded system. So, take a deep breath and go through these solutions mentioned underneath.

Maybe you will not need to call your ISP right away.

1. Restart Your Computer

Let us start with the simple one, how long has your system been switched on? Has it been more than five hours, and you have constantly been working on it? Well, this could be one of the reasons why your system is acting up.

You will just need to log off your computer and rest the system. The processor has been switched on for so long that the functioning is now lagging. Your system also needs some rest and recharging.

If it is something important that you are doing with your desktop, then try shifting the work to a different device for the time’s sake.

2. Check Your Wifi

The wifi is definitely a blessing for us; it is enabling us to connect to the fast internet with just a switch. However, the wifi can act on its own at times. This can naturally act up with your internet connection and create unnecessary issues.

You have to open your wifi’s configuration and check whether the wifi is connected or not. Sometimes, the connection is lost because the wifi automatically gets connected to a different network.

It’s these trivial issues that can cause major internet problems on your desktop. However, they can be fixed very easily as well.

3. Check Your Number Of Tabs

If too many tabs or background software are hogging your internet, you might face some issues operating it smoothly. Whenever you open a new tab, your internet speed gets distributed. You cannot possibly expect to have the same speed when you have 24 tabs opened on your desktop and add two more windows.

This is the same when too many applications are running in the background. So, thoroughly check your computer and try to close all the tabs and applications. Then, try the internet speed again when you are done with cleaning all the junk applications and unused tabs.

This is a trick that works most of the time, but if you are still facing a problem, you can read more.

4. Check Your VPN Server

Is your computer device connected to a VPN? Then you should probably check the server once. Sometimes it so happens that the VPN can slow the internet. This could have two major reasons.

First, either the VPN is free or is not a credible one. Second, it is because the server is deliberately manipulating you to upgrade to the paid plans of VPN, which essentially guarantees fast internet access.

Always try getting a good VPN and pay for it. Then, you will be able to protect your privacy online and get all the fast internet it promises.

5. Check Your Internet Package

Go to your wifi configuration and check the internet package. There is a data pack that you are paying for, and the data that has been used will be displayed on the screen. If you see that the data consumed is less than the data speed you are paying for, then you should contact the ISP.

Checking this will also let you know whether your wifi has expired. This just means you need to pay your wifi bill, and there is no need to panic!

6. Take A Quick Antivirus Scan

A sudden malware attack on your network could be the reason for your internet issues. On the other hand, if you find your computer suddenly lagging when it had been working fine just an hour ago, then the problem could be something serious like a virus infestation.

If nothing on the above-mentioned solution is working, then try taking a quick antivirus scan of your device. If you find a threat, immediately run an antivirus clearance. If it is still not working, then you might need to call upon an expert to disinfect your system again.

Final Option – Call Your ISP Service

Even after all these DIY solutions, if your internet is still lagging and having some issues, then it might be something not with your system but the network.

You can be a victim of bandwidth throttling where the service provider is hogging your data to upgrade your plan.

This is when you need to call your ISP and have a talk with them.

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