How to Cut the Cable TV Cord and Replace it with Streaming Service?

If cable bills are putting a dent in your budget, you need to consider whether to cut the cord or stay with it. Although cable TV comes with added benefits compared to streaming services such as live TV broadcast, DVR option, add-ons, and many more. But the rising bills have led many households to switch to streaming services and cut the cord completely.

Streaming services are gaining hype with each passing day. The reason is pretty simple – people are more inclined towards ease and convenience along with cost benefits. As the world is moving towards a mobile solution that offers mobility, ease, and convenience, streaming services are no exception. Especially for digital nomads who are wandering around from one place to another for work purposes and entertainment.

If you want to watch shows and movies on streaming services, an internet connection is the first thing to look into. Without having a stable and high-speed connection, you won’t be able to enjoy streaming services. No one likes to wait for ages for a movie or TV show to buffer. Streaming smoothly on your device is possible only if you subscribe to Spectrum internet that offer unlimited data limits, speed up to 940Mbps, and free security suite.

What Do We Mean by Cutting the Cord?

When it comes to cutting the cord, it does not mean to take the scissors out and cut the cable connected to your TV. Cord-cutting simply refers to getting rid of cable TV subscriptions and relying on streaming services to watch blockbuster movies, documentaries, comedy sitcoms, and cartoons.

Cable television is more suitable for big households with interests of varying needs. Some of the family members may like to watch live sporting events, while others love to watch food networks to learn how to make scrumptious recipes. However, with streaming services, you are limited to the collection of shows and movies provided by the service provider. If you love to watch live sporting events or news, you can find plenty of services like Hulu + Live TV, Philo, and YouTube TV. The basics of streaming services however remain the same.

Apart from cutting the cost through ditching cable TV, streaming services offer more flexibility, mobility, and convenience. Depending on your family’s requirements, make sure to find the right streaming service catering to everyone’s needs.

Some of the most obvious reasons for ditching the cable TV services include:

  • Cutting costs on monthly cable TV bills
  • Pay only for what you want to watch
  • Watch shows anytime and anywhere provided the high-speed internet
  • Access shows that are not available on cable TV
  • The fixed monthly cost as compared to cable TV that increases over time

You can unsubscribe from streaming services anytime without paying extra costs that you may pay when ditching cable TV before the contract ends.

Essentials for Cutting the Cord

If you are ready to ditch our cable TV subscription, you need to consider a few things to make your transition from better to best. Have a look at some of the important considerations and essentials of cutting the cord.

HDTV Antenna

HDTV Antenna is optional and we would recommend trying it. For instance, if you purchase an HDTV antenna, it won’t cost you more than $20 for the least. However, if your budget allows you to invest more, you can find an HDTV antenna for as much as $150. HDTV antenna will allow you to view local TV network channels without any extra cost. That means watching the news and live sports broadcast won’t be an issue for sports and news lovers.

Internet Speed

Internet speed plays an important role in the stream without glitches or buffering. You need to subscribe to high-speed internet to handle streaming and seamless internet connectivity across all other devices. A minimum of 3Mbps speed is enough for standard streaming. However, if you want to watch in 4K quality, make sure to opt for 25Mbps or higher. If you want to stream on multiple devices simultaneously, the more the speed, the better it is.

Summing Up

Cutting the cord isn’t challenging but you might need to compromise on many things such as live TV programming. However, if you are comfortable with streaming services, there is no better alternative to it. And you don’t have to be a tech expert to make this happen.

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